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Bussy, will work on it eventually

Colors are kind of buggy, will fix them eventually

Im a huge follower of Dani and I actually was really bumped down when I saw Dani's attempt of Among Us 3D because I made this two weeks ago but didn't had the chance of finishing it... Thanks for the comment, really appreciate it!

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Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it. I really have into consideration the problem of the gun. Maybe we could solve the control problem by separating the dash and gun, and also making the gun more powerful by rashing. But changes will be applied after the jam. And about the control mapping, I really did not pay attention to that, So it is my fault, sorry.
Again, thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it. Yes, the dash is OP. We made some enemies that are safe of dash. Some always keep distance from you, or the bomb one that kills you if dashed into him. But they didnt behave as expected. Maybe we should reduce the damage of the dash, but changes will be applied after the jam.

Thank you!

I think we have a winner.

I like the concept, but the time limit really stressed me a bit.  Great puzzles and cute art!

Awesome game! Love the combat system and the humor.



After you defeat the 3 enemies, the next room contains a "key". This key will open the door at the start of the level. In which you need to push a box to the button to open the gate.

Hope this helps, thanks for playing!

It's an interesting idea. The puzzles were predictable and of little variety. It would have been nice if you added more mechanics like buttons and boxes, or more keys and doors in a level. I did not completely understand direction in the change of the level, but this may be only in my case.
The graphics were great, awesome art and good lighting.
Although the music is absent, the sound effect helped in the experience.

Good game, would play again

Up and running

I wanted to upload more builds for different OS, can i still upload them?

This guy is pure talent.

Great! I already send you the friend request

Hey man!
Well, the game is located at a cave... We found this song of HPD that fits almost perfectly with the game.

By another game i mean, Hyper light drifer, it is okey?

Can we use a song of another game ost? Or royalty free music?

Hey guys!

We need some music for our game. The game is based on Zelda on mecanics and on Hyper Light Drifer in theme.

We are looking for some music like the OST of HLD, like melancolic, chiptunish, impressionism, ambient, minimal, etc...

Im not asking to make a song in one day... But if you may have one song of this type, i would appreciate it. Obviously, you would be on the credits.

Lol, i have the same problem

You could make the mirrors less choppy by using cameras

This tutorial tell how to do it, but it is in spanish, just follow it and you would see...

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Hey guys!
Im looking for a 3D or Voxel artist for my already started project. I could do the art by myself, but my initial purpose of entering this game jam was to improve my teamwork skills, to meet people, and improve my english (Im not a native english speaker).  So if you are interested, I am more than pleased.

This is my project right now..

I was thinking to make a Zeldish 64ish style or a BOTW shrine style for this game. But any ideas are welcome.
If you are interested, hit me on Discord: JampTaco#9954. Also, it would be great that you share your portfolio to see your work. Thank you!

*Sorry for my bad english*

Love this idea


Best advice! Some of my game jams end terrible because of my code breaking.

That is a really good idea!

Nice work! Love that particle effect

Yeah, this idea was something very easy and common... Thanks!




Nice work! Keep it going!

Uff, this is so awesome!

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Mirror Game Jam (Update #1)

*Sorry for my bad english*

Hey guys! This will be my first night I have worked on the game. I waited some days to see if I could partner with someone but i didnt saw the oportunity :(  I was kinda down and almost leave the jam. But the theme was really interesting and I choosed to stay unltil I finish the game.

Whatever, the first idea i thought was the same idea that everyone thought when hearing the theme of mirrors... A puzzle game with rotating mirrors that reflect lazers. The idea was good enough in my head, but then i saw a post right here about the same idea. So back to the whiteboard.

My second idea was a 2d platformer that changes the "dimension" to have different prespectives and clear the level. But i felt that this idea had not much "mirrors"

For my third and final idea i took inspiration of Zelda Majora's Mask (my favorite game of all time). If you played it, you may remember a thief hideout in the Kafei's quest. Where you controlled Link and Kafei to clear some rooms.

Well, i took this idea, but instead of switching the players and only moving one, i decided to move both but mirrored. And the results may become some pretty neat puzzles...

Well, this is enough for this night, see ya tomorrow! 

Awesome! Its like porta  with a big twist!


I will leave here my summary, check it out!

Im also looking for a casual team...

I will leave here my summary, check it out!

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Hey guys, im looking for a small team that want to make a casual game for this game jam. I dont have a lot of free time so i want to do this as relaxed/easy as posible.

About me:

-I am a programer of Unity (I dont know Unreal nor GameMaker). I would learn another engine, but that would risk the quality of the game...

-Also, I know a little bit of 3D like voxel or poly, but dont ask for animations... Also, i know UV mapping...

-I am a Mexican (I speak spanish and my english is kind of bad...) Take that in mind.

I will leave here my GameJolt page if you want to take a look to my work: