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My first reaction to running this game was "Oh my, this is adorable." The visuals work perfectly for this kind of lighthearted little adventure. 

The game feels very good and intuitive, and the cutscene limericks move the story forward in an engaging way - I wanted to know how the Captain's story ends! 

A few places could do with a bit more of a polishing, such as some of the cutscene texts cropping a bit from the bottom (they seemed to be aligned a bit inconsistently) and entering the toilets seemed a bit hit or miss. I guess I never hit the right pixel when pressing the buttons, huh? Holding down W or S worked quite alright, though!

Also  the font is not working with the Ö & Ä in one of the surnames in the credits :D how dare the fontmakers ignore the Finnish letters, right?

Overall, the game feels, looks and sounds great! Nice job, y'all!

PS. I went the same route as Cryptic here in the third level, it looked possible so it felt the game wanted me to go there :P