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Sounds good to me. :)

Thanks! I'll pass that along to the creator. :)

Thanks! I really like that feature too. :)

Ooohhh, is it possible to buy a print from you? My husband collects Chrono Trigger Frog art. ^^

You're art is great! Also, LOVE the Diablo work. I almost want to commision a female Witch doctor version. ^^

Recently joined Sketchfab, so definitely excited to show off our Rocketbelly unit!

Rocketbelly by abatron on Sketchfab

Hi-ho! My name is Tamara and I'm a Community Manager for W3studios. I also do voice over! I've been working for W3studios for about a year now and have been learning ALOT about marketing and whatnot. I'm always happy to share what I've learned, so you'll most likely see my in the marketing section of this forum (there IS one yeah?)

As for the game we're working on, it's a RTS/FS hybrid called Abatron. You will be able to build your base, gather resources, and grow your army, then jump into any of your units at anytime to get into the battle first hand. We've got a website with nifty screenshots here: http://www.abatrongame.com/

Thanks for having me!