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Beats me. Probably the name of the main character.

Just one thing bugging me; If Okaeri is truly the title of the game, it should be in katakana instead, right?

challenging! I really liked the game, as well as its' perspective, but 2 things;

Can you make the song loop a bit longer? It's not really appealing after awhile (sorry).

Also, I wonder if since red kills blue, there might be a Ms. Red who dies when touching blue? hmmmm... So, maybe you add different playable characters?

That's all! Love this game!

How do I download my game and upload it properly? I always have trouble because whenever I try to publish,it ends up saying that "I haven't inserted a file" and that I "need to learn more about HTML Files".Am I doing something wrong?Would I have to go back into the documents first or something?

I've tried to make pictures before(in Bitsy,of course) and it actually...kind of easy. The only difference with bitsy is you have to have aLOT of coordination.Things that made sense before now don't.You might have to make a separate tile just to make corner that can connect the lineart.There could be twists and turns,and I mean that quite literally lol.I hope this helped(well,I don't know if you wanted help or not, but here it is anyway)!

A Fanciful Experience.