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Very simple, cozy game. I like the idea, could play it for hours. Nice work!

For the audio you should congratulate softmagic, he made it

For the variety thing, I didn't have time during the jam. But I may return to the game after the rating period ends

ok I just realised those things are doors, i thought it was the background. no bug, just my stupitidy

anyway I liked the mechanic of the slime parts, pretty neat

Thank you! The whole idea was to make it have "limited misses"

my first ideas was that the walls would get angry, but then I thought for the mirror mechanic, which i had to add in the game

Yeah about that...
Sfx was in the game, but when I added the music it would just blend in with the music and make it annoying. I should try anyway in some update to add that

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Why thank you for the kind words!
my best score is 28061

for sure I should continue the development, the game is pretty nice. Thanks for the ideas, the power up collecting thing is pretty smart.

One thing to tell you tho, ghosts get faster over time, but maybe it's too slow to understand

it's much more fun with a controller i gotta say

Awesome mechanic! Pretty fun gameplay, but i have i remember this sound, dont remember from where tho

hm Firefox, so maybe i should try it on chrome 

Awesome work! The take of the theme is pretty solid, the gameplay is hard enough and the art and music are amazing!

It seemed fun, and the art was nice, but opponents weren't spawning, is there a problem on my side?

Pretty good story, nice pill mechanic, a little bit easy thought. I like this very much

Awesome game! I don't know if I should call it a bullet hell or nah, but the thing is still good. 7/10

Good ol go where you shoot mechanic, good

so let me get this straight
you are a pencil
you shoot alphabet (and you have limited alphabets, :3)
and when you reload you have to type a word
if you type it correctly you get healed
if not you dont

Music? Great! Art? Great! The game was pretty fun but actually fun. 2 complains tho:

  • There are no boundary lines, so I just thought the movement was glitching until i figured that out
  • Left shift is hard to play with when dashing is a core mechanic. It also wanted to open sticky keys for some reason (if you press shift 5 times a prompt opens asking you if you want to enable them). Space could do a much better work, my finger is in a little bit of pain.

So, I'm not sure if my potato laptop is just slow or if the bullets are slow, but I won't rate since I am not sure. I don't wanna have the wrong idea and push the game back for that

The concept is really great! Instead of shooting your way out, you have to dodge, and the colour mechanic makes it a challenge. Great game!

I know! From the start the idea was to make the wall do somerhing when you miss, but the first plan was to make it angry. After that, the idea of the mirror came to my mind: a cool mechanic that would create chaos. So or course I implemented it and ditched the other idea

for that don't worry, I will continue it after jam. And I may add some boss fight too (;

Hey,thanks for your nice words. What do you mean "loose the bullet"? You don't collect bullets, if hey get reflected they turn into enemy bullets and can hurt you

Thanks for the kind words! It seems like this jam was a success, since the only feedback I get is "to expand this more"! And I sure will expand this after the jam, but the scary shadow of final exams is too close and I might have to pause gamedev for a while

yeah now that I think of it there was limited shield energy. Sadly not the best implementation, but I should change the rating cuz I put nothing on the theme tab

You know what? This is awesome!

The way you move the player is real smart. The drones are so cool. And when i thought of limited movement, well, this is the coolest implematation i've ever seen. A fun silly game i'm sure ill come back to play later

Interesting game! I don't know why, but visuals do not fit with the background, but the rest of the game is pretty fun! The music is nice, but more sound is a must. The theme implemantation is AwEsOmE. A good bullet hell overall, bravo!

Well for the intro, it's not made by me, but it's the engine i'm using, tic80 ( which really set ups the austhetic  of the old computer, which all the games made on it follow. If you have time and energy to try it, i really would tell you to check it out!
glad you enjoyed the game and say hi to your son from me!

Did i manage to finish something more than the 1st level? nop
Did i like this? yup

the limited time makes this into a vey very fun game

The idea is nice. The gameplay and the graphics are decent. But the sound effects are toooo loud

The music is nice, but i dont get what i should exactly do. I understand that it is because the game is half finished.
So, since i dont know what i am doing or should do, i sadly cannot give you helpful feedback

The paddle is crazy fast, andf i dont understand what should i do. Should i try to hit the balls or stay away from them? But a thing i loved was the music and the art


I love the audio, the art is nice, but the bullets where too slow, making it hard to hit the opponents. I don't know if it was intentional, but it runied the fun a little bit...

Nice idea. At the start i thought it was boring, but the game was pretty nice. The music ROCKS and the implementation of the theme is not the best but it's ok tbh

That was actually a really cool game! Fun to play, I died around minute 4, when the second vessel appeared.
Two things from me as feedback;
1. Where was the implementation of the theme?
2. I would like some different music when the second vessel appeared, it just stopped music.

A very interesting take of the theme! The game is enjoyable, but the controls felt a little wonky, like the player was moving on ice. A nice game overall

well it seems like a lot of people like the game, so I may update it if I get time, cuz final exams are coming and I won't be able to program on the duration

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Actually, from when I started making the game, my concept was "limited misses" and in the start it was supposed to kill you after some misses, but it was too boring, so I made the mirror mechanic, so it's a real bullet hell. Maybe I should update the jam page because I wrote the theme wrong (I wrote the theme was limited movement, but it was limited misses)

hmm indeed maybe I should make something like a big boss fight and turn infinite score into a mode instead of just the game

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Tbh, as of difficulty, the ghosts get faster over time, but the transition is smooth and unrecognised. but still, I was thinking to continue the game after the jam, and a new kind of ghost was in my plans, but I kinda sorta didn't have time on the weekend, so I just... Didn't.