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#Cubing4Life community · Created a new topic High Scores:

Post Your pictures and number for your highscores here.

If you want any new obstacle types to be added, suggest then here.


1 Bug Only > For Some reason, the selected aircraft can only be targeted (ie. the one with the arrow on the HUD) This means I cannot target enemies when dogfighting that are not the one the game specififfes.

Any plans for a MAC / Linux version? This looks awesome but my Gaming PC (a Hackintosh) can't play it - and my Intel HD 520 graphics windows laptop isn't up to the job...

If you make the train do a jump, and go backwards in midair, it starts to go upwards....

Also add support for more than one track being saved...

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Have you tried running Linux & Mac in a Virtual Machine? Mac tutorial in video. The title is slightly misleading. For linux, here should be a pointer. Hope this helps! To access windows files, use this.

There seems to be some cool music that plays at the start of ravenfield on dustbowl? There is no note of it anywhere, and it stops very quickly. Any know what it is?

Please add a respawn option. Sometimes you get stuck, you want to change loadout, or you are flung 10 miles deep into land. This would help lots!


Hit Win + R, and type cmd. Type ifconfig and hit enter. Then find your adapter (usually with ethernet or wifi in the name). Under ip adress, it should be something like "". Copy that, give that to your LAN friend and add ":7777" to the end. Voila!