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Sevencrane don't forget me when you get famous :D also, did you use bone animation or frame-by-frame? Cuz when you run it's frames and when you jump and fall, it's so smooth. How did you do that?

So... You made this in one day?! I cant even animate a walking sprite in a day god you damm fast. Also, are you gonna make more of this out of the competition? Cuz this game rocks and i love a good storyline.

He said something about a demo. WAIT. IS THIS FREE VERSION A DEMO?! nuuuuuuu

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Hey I talked to Richter but now I don't know where to go. The Metro Map doesn't show Vapor City. Where do I go? Also, all my cash is gone. I closed the game for work and I loaded it up again it saved progress but my cash is gone

Hey can anyone help me I can't find Flynn. The woman at the bar says he's at ground level. Is ground level supposed to be where the Weather Cast Thing is or The Deeps? Also I didn't get it when she said under the OverHang. Help please.


I cried. So much. I have no idea why. The game was so nostalgic. Wow.

I WANT A SEQUEL. Don't you dare make another game that doesn't have the words "Neon Code" in 'em. Dude, you got a million dollar game right here. Make the sequel and I'll post about this game EVERYWHERE i can. 

plz dude.