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Hey there!

I loved the game! I like the sprites and the concept, it was a little hard for me, but It's a really really good game! :D

Lol they do for me too XD. Glad you liked the game, Perlin!

Thank you so much, DuckFace! Glad you liked the game!

"good luck"

i would like a working dodge move. A dodge is supposed to be a last resort for offense. If it doesn't work while slashing your sword, then how do you get to know it was your last resort? The dodge is supposed to override attacks.

Omg I ended up in the 3D Chest Game Thing and damn that beat-up piano sound when you see the ghost. These are actual dreams I get

OH MY FKING GOD I kept my volume at 100 cuz i couldn't hear anything and then i some creature popped up with that Loud ass HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and I freaked out big time

Sevencrane don't forget me when you get famous :D also, did you use bone animation or frame-by-frame? Cuz when you run it's frames and when you jump and fall, it's so smooth. How did you do that?

So... You made this in one day?! I cant even animate a walking sprite in a day god you damm fast. Also, are you gonna make more of this out of the competition? Cuz this game rocks and i love a good storyline.

He said something about a demo. WAIT. IS THIS FREE VERSION A DEMO?! nuuuuuuu

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Hey I talked to Richter but now I don't know where to go. The Metro Map doesn't show Vapor City. Where do I go? Also, all my cash is gone. I closed the game for work and I loaded it up again it saved progress but my cash is gone

Hey can anyone help me I can't find Flynn. The woman at the bar says he's at ground level. Is ground level supposed to be where the Weather Cast Thing is or The Deeps? Also I didn't get it when she said under the OverHang. Help please.


I cried. So much. I have no idea why. The game was so nostalgic. Wow.

I WANT A SEQUEL. Don't you dare make another game that doesn't have the words "Neon Code" in 'em. Dude, you got a million dollar game right here. Make the sequel and I'll post about this game EVERYWHERE i can. 

plz dude.