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Thanks for this! Just wondering if this includes 8 directional movement?  

Thanks for the update! Love your work and hope to see more in the future!

Hi, I just bought your Brief Quest pack.  I was wondering if the pillar in the screen shots could be added to the pack?? I assumed it was part of the bases and didn't realize it wasn't included.

Really nice enemy! Looking forward to seeing beholder and viper.  Also, thanks so much for including the Mockups.  Hardly anyone does that.  It's very helpful!

okay, thanks

Nice! What does the animation look like?

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing it!

Really nice! Hope you make more animals (and if possible, many animations)!

Thanks! looking forward to it, as all your work is great!

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Really nice!  I think another great pack would be a post-apocalyptic pack, as there isn't much out there now in this theme.

Edit:  space station/futuristic would also be a nice pack.

Love the perspective!  


Nice effects! are you planning to make a holy pixel effect pack? that would be great if so

Nice! is it possible to get a png version?



looks really nice! hope to see more enemies in the future!

looks great! do you plan to make any enemies?


Just wondering, do you intend on ever making modern or futuristic planes? I'd definitely be interested in buying

Nice! Just bought, and wondering if you plan for hit/death animation as well as attack?

Really fun game!  Looking forward to future updates!


Thanks, these are great!

looks great!

Looks great!

Thanks for responding.  I would suggest alligator/crocodile, bees with queen bee, racoon, bears, panda bears.  Definitely would be interested in purchasing enemy pack!

Looks great, are you planning to make any enemies?


Nice work!

Nice effects! Just wondering if they ever go on sale?

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I bought this also, and I don't see the trees, which is why I bought.  Is there a way to get the trees?

Are the trees included in another pack?

Thanks for responding! Wild animals sound good, such as bears and oxen, and frogs.

Planning to buy this soon! Are you intending to add enemies?

These look great!  Just wondering if it's possible to use in my commercial game (add payment option for commercial use)?

These are great!

Thanks! Looking forward to it!

Thanks for making so many great packs.  Now that this pack is done, just wondering if you had any idea as to the timeline for the next pack?