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I can't find the diagonal walls that you have in the examples.  Is it possible for you to include them? Thanks!

Nice Chess Club Program!

Thanks, I actually don't use RPG Maker so don't have access.


Nice! I don't suppose you could add the background wall??

Thanks, it seems so. Wish they were, as they look great!

Are these animated?

That would be great! Thanks so much for responding.  Looking forward to your future work!

Yes, thanks! I was thinking the first one.  Ideally the other monsters with the long tentacle attacks would be good to have north and south as well, but that might take a lot of effort and I know the price is low.  Adding N/S/NE/SE directions makes the monsters more useful for top down games but I know it's harder to do.  Thanks for responding!

I bought this and love the animations! Just wondering, is it possible for you to add a north and south direction for the attack where the monster puts tentacles in ground and a part of them come up a small distance away?

is there a north facing attack animation and explosion (or only front facing)?

Nice! I only see the old files when I download.  I don't see the synthcitiesfiles file.


Great work! do you know what you'll do next?


Thanks! Just bought and look forward to animations!

I intend to buy.  Would like to see idle, run, attack, hit/die animations for these (seems like run is already done?)!


Thanks!  Penusbmic has a lot of stuff that is inspiring.  Dark animals would be a good idea, as there is not much out there like this.

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Hi, I'm trying to buy but site won't let me.  Is there a way to fix? I can download free one though.

Edit: nevermind.  I was able to buy.  

Just curious as to what you are planning next???

Really nice! would love to see scifi and lab items in your style!


If you are taking requests, a post apocalyptic set and a scifi set would be great!


Really nice! can't wait to see what's next!

do you plan to make more animations in different directions and attack/hit/die?

Okay, looking forward to seeing inside.  Thanks for responding!

Looks nice, are you planning on making the entire building?


Thanks! do you plan to add attack, hit/die animations?

Is it possible to buy the eyeball enemy shown in images separately?  what animations does it have? is it included in this pack?

Thanks, I sent an email.

Just thinking, would you consider me hiring you to animate a couple of them I would like and then let you release to sell to anyone?

Okay, I understand.   


Just wondering, when will you next pack be ready?

Have you considered animating them (eg individual monster makes with idle, walk, attack, die/hit)? I'd definitely buy