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Thanks bro:)

Thanks for playing the demo!

Throwing katanas will cause high damage and can pass through all enemies in a straight line. As a weapon that does not require ammo, it is overpower a bit. So, as a balance, you must switch between the two modes and have a long cooling time.

Indeed you can shoot instantly after swapping to another weapon, so you can use it like sort of shooting combo. That's a feature:)

Thank you very much for the praise, HH's art is indeed inspired by those classic FPS:) Ill continue to add the new content, thank you!


Not for now, sorry. The other version would be made at least after finishing the full game.

Thanks for the praise! And the great full demo playthrough video!

Woo, the guardian mode vid s coming!  Have a good time bro!

Thanks for the vid!

 Very glad to be one of your top game dude:)

Thanks for the suggestion.

1. Will get something new about the cooldown about the throwing katanas in the future:)

2. Deflecting projectiles is good idea, I will put the ability in my head, thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks for your recommendation bro!

Thanks for playing hellhunt again buddy, very good gameplay vid!

Good to hear you like the game. Cant wait to see ya guardian mode vid:)

Thanks bro!

Thanks your NICE video!:D

Fair enough, that was a good idea I will do! But I have got back to the main content developing, so the Guardian Mode will not update recently, sorry about this, buddy. But when I go back to it, the HUD will be more reasonable, thanks for the suggestion:)

Nice! The throwing katanas got improved in this new demo and very easy to use, you can just throw katanas at once when you switch to it if it's already in throwing mode. You don't need to combine them again, which will save many ammo for you:) Thanks for the video man!

Hey there!

1+2. because of the game main design core, and the charactor is a demon hunter, so the charactor moves fast and has some movement abilities. When you use dash proficiently, it is really easy to dodge enemy attacks, which is also a core of the design. On the other hand, for balance, the cool down mechanics was added. As the game progresses, dash will help you deal with more difficult enemies.

3. The bullet time mechanics will get more reward in the future:) 
4. Yes, will do this part later.
5. Upcoming more enemies.

Thanks for playing the demo and the feedback!

Thanks for the video man!

Thanks! This can really make the game polished better

Good to hear buddy!

Thanks a lot!

Sorry, no cheats for now

Hell Hunt is a retro art style FPS, here comes a new special edition for RD2020.

New survival mode available!

Yep, releasing on GOG is in my plan. Hope that everything is on the right track. Thanks bro!

Thanks for the video, buddy!

Thanks bro! Good to hear you like the game! I will check the mechanic of the switch control. And, there will be more maps coming up;)

Thank you so much for such detailed feedback! 

Will test controllable on air, that sounds great. About the dashing control, could you please tell me more about it? Actually, for now, the dash does move along the direction base on your current input, unless input nothing (you will dash forward). About the reload of the pistols, there will be a weapon upgrade system added in the future, you can cancel the reload or something. The demons' attack range will keep adjusting until they seem more reasonable.

Thanks again for playing the demo, buddy!

About the UI of ammo, I will try to figure out whether it can be better! Thank you for the feedback bro! Really happy you like the game:)

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Thanks for playing the demo buddy:) Will improve the level design to make sure the player easier to find the destination. Thank you for the feedback.

About the copyright you could check this, a SidAlpha's video talking about the thing I am being attacked by an asshole who send you the takedown letter:

Thanks for the suggestions! Illuminate the important things like keys, ladders, doors or something is a good idea, I think I should do this part. There will be a weapon upgrade system later, you can upgrade the weapons' power or use their new abilities. The dual katanas is one of powerful weapons in hellhunt especially after upgrading(in my plan lol).

Thank you for playing the demo, really happy to hear you like it:D

Nice video bro! Thanks for playing:D

Thanks a lot man!

Thanks bro!

Thank you for playing the demo! Between the shotgun and SSG, when more kinds of enemies join the game, they will become more different, and there will be a weapon upgrade system later. Thank you for your suggestion, buddy!

Thanks the suggestion, the attack of dual katanas will be changed to 1 click 1 swing in next update! thanks for playing the game buddy.

Thanks a lot man!

Yes! Thanks bro:)

So fun! Thanks for the gameplay part 2 :D

Woow, thanks bro!