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Well I can Message Trica but it doesn't really safe the progress so I have to message her all the time

You say 0.6 is out now but I bought the Game already and even if I buy again it's still 0.5

I talked with elena if she needs a fitness partner then there are no more options. They game is kinda softlocked

Kubuntu 18.04 is Ubuntu 18.04 but with some other Desktop Enviorment. I wouldn't say that the KDE is the Problem and gnome not but I couldn't say anything else right now.

I mean it seams like a basic Visual novel and many people are using ren'py for that. And Ren'py games work pretty well on linux. Or I'm not totaly sure but Godot should have a unity project import (or it's planed) and that should also work well on linux. Ubuntu 12.04 is pretty outdated and Ubuntu 18.04 is the newest. I mean you could try it in a virtual Machine because Ubuntu is free or there are other dev's they know what to do to fix it.

Linux Version not working Terminal says

Unable to preload the following plugins:

Doesn't matter if nvidia or AMD. Also tested on Kubuntu 18.04 and Manjaro

Linux Version not working at all only windows in wine works

We have 2018 right now. Release of the Game said 2016. Well after the intro there is nothing more. So it's not a demo because you just click away the few text boxes and so it's not a full game. Is there more because I can't see anything.

Hope to see more episodes here for free or to pay.

Like Episode 1-6 for free 1-10 Payed and patreons have 3-6 Months earlier access for new episodes.

But it is a great game.

Well first I thought 1.3 GB damn this must be a great and long game but I got (almost) every ending in 1h. But why is it so big? Because of those Movie Clips. I Think if you delete them and just use some images this Game only needs 500MB. Maybe less. BUT you could play it on Linux. There is an .sh File and it works.

Well I made the Skeletoon Key and I went in the room. Had some fights with some enemies safed had another fight and then the game froze crashed and my safe file went poof.

Found a Strange Bug in Linux Build. Saved a few times then the Game crashed at the end my save was gone.

Hope that Linux will catch up soon

I'll hope to see some updates in the feature. It's nice but doesn't have many things to do.