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even though this did not follow the limitation, it’s my favourite so far.

what a good seagull! Good boy, eat that pizza.

it’s a mimic! I wanted to go with a blocky monster party style. 


Awesome idea

Heck yes, great work on those candelabras 

This is cute as heck.

I love this, great work with limitations! 

thank you for playing!

Glad to see there's a fixed version! It's very easy to miss something in a short jam.

It's easy to get lost in playing this. It's got that "A little more before I stop" mood.

I love that you made a deck builder for a jam. 

This was still really cute. :3

thank you!

I lucky enough to have two people I can ask. Thank you for playing!

I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you for streaming it! I caught the vod. 

Congratulations on your great RNG rolls.

Cute! Nice work for a first game.

This is amazing, great work on the music as well!

Mine should work, and hopefully when it switches to greyscale the colors are still readable!

I think this is the only multiplayer game.

It's sort of fun single player as well, trying to keep both sides safe.

This is awesome!

Maybe put the controls on the game page, in case someone does not try WASD and QE?

I'm going to need to draw maps for this.

Which is pretty accurate to these type of games! 

You might want to set the colors in the octo-ide if you want it to match your screenshot.

The game feels great, and is fast to play. Great work!

This is really Zen, got to 50ish then both sides closed in and I went splat.

This was a fluke.


    • Move
    • Select Cards
  • E
    • Confirm / Continue Text
  • If you receive a game-over, refresh the browser page.
  • Touch Screen Devices should see a Game-Pad option, with a circle-pad and A/B. Touch the game to make the controls appear.

this is perfect, I'll share this news with other people who bought the bundle on dogpit and awful jams

Hello Joe, sorry to ask on a random comment, but I just purchased your music from the Humble Pack and I was wondering if you have somewhere in writing what the license is on everything?

I don't like using something (even for a GameJam game) unless I know the license and terms of use.

thank you for letting me know, I’ll be more careful with defaults for Linux builds

Woo, I'm glad it's working for you.

Please provide the error message.

Thank you!

I'll pass that along to the music arranger, thank you for taking the time to write about your experience!

I did not have time to finish the stop when crossing the finish line, so that's why you might bounce backwards. It does always keep the furthest point though.

I'm glad others share the printer feelings. 😛

ah, understandable. Thank you for taking the time to reply back. 

I'm glad you enjoyed it, I know the selection in game one is a little rough, but did you run into any other ux issues?

Thank you! I'm glad I could make you laugh.

Thank you!


Thank you for playing! I'm happy people are enjoying it!

I'll pass it along to the voice actor, thank you for playing!