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Weird, it warns you on Windows, I did not know it did not warn you on other OSs.

I'll have to add a check to future games.

I wanted to explore the different types of friction this jam, and have a fun title screen.

Going to make a short puzzleish game.

You can mix and match parts, I wanted to share in case anyone found them handy.

I've posted my personal SLog Library (MIT License) to GitHub. The documentation is very barebones, but it might be handy.


  • Wrapper for Audio Library
  • Wrapper for Smallfolk for save/loading
  • Image -> List of colors in a table 'library'
  • Pixels -> Screen Scaler for pixel art games, 
  • Textbox -> A fancy text-printer.

You're the best, thank you for playing every game and writing up on them.

I hope everyone likes it! Poke me on Discord with bugs.

I've bought this on steam, but can I ask a favor? Can you update the cover art for the soundtrack? Your style is so cool, and I want to see your take on album art.

It's really short and simple, I came into the jam a little late. I hope that you enjoy the sights and have a laugh at all the puns. 

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Yeah, the Day buttons are a huge issue, I've seen too many people miss those were buttons.

More tested needed next time.

Thank you for taking the time to comment!

Fair, thank you for taking the time to write it out.

I will keep everything you said in mind going forward.

Aww, thank you for saying that. 😊

Joy is very much a patient  woman who is very skilled at her job.

I tagged this game as an interactive fiction because the gameplay was less this time. It does hold close roots to PZZL though. So if you want more gameplay and less story, check the prequel out. 

The only reason this game shines as well as it does is the amazing work that everyone I worked with put into it. 

On that note, I'm glad you liked it. :)

Thank you for commenting, I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. 

Have a great day! :) 

Hey Vaggelis, 

Thank you for playing my game. While it was created for a game jam, I can understand your frustration with it being short and easy. 

If you want a harder game you can play the prequel, PZZL, which is a longer puzzle game and not interactive fiction like this one was.

I hope you have a great day, thank you again for taking the time to play and comment. 

I was fully expecting to see inside the box at the end of the game. 

Version 1.1 has fixed outfits.