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Jason Payne

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I have a couple feature requests / suggestions after having recently set up a co-op bundle.

1) I found the process of setting up the bundle to be rather easy and straightforward. My only snag was at the end when I get verification. Although I quickly realized that I was meant to send the bundle URL to the participants for their approval, I can see where many might just give up. I think it would be nice to have a reminder during setup that says, "send this URL to participants to get their approval", if automatic notifications aren't going to be sent out.

2) I wish I had the option to set a % off the cover prices across the board, like can be done with the regular solo bundle. And then just have the option of having each participant receive their new price as payment, instead of a % of the entire bundle sale. So if my game costs $1 and their game costs $2, and we're taking 50% off each, then I'll receive 50cents and they'll receive $1. I hope that makes sense. I know my example there is really small, with just 2 titles, but having an across the board % cut can get really complicated when you've got multiple titles at different price points.

Thanks! I love You're doing a great service!

- Jason

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Nice! I really like the sprites - they're very cute, and nicely animated. Music's good too!

Only suggestions I have are the player could be slowed down a bit, and I wish the game used a different control scheme like Z/X/C or A/S/D for the attack/jump/block controls. It's a strain to use the old school ctrl/shift/Space control scheme.

Very nicely made Pico-8 game! Reminds me of the early Activision games on the Commodore.

Well executed and fun! I've enjoyed it a lot. This could make for a nice mobile game I think.

Very cute! I enjoyed it.

that was pretty fun. love the graphics and music.

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Thanks for the screenshot! 

geez. Yeah,  i had patched something similar before. I wonder why it's doing it again now.  When it did it before it was caused by the user pressing buttons during the automated walking sequence (exiting the building.) I can't seem to replicate now tho. Are you hitting arrow keys? I might just have to take out the sequence altogether and have the character just appear on the spot.

can you take a screenshot and describe at what point it happens?


thanks! yeah, this was a fun project to work on.

thanks! Glad you like it.