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Looking good, Spicy!

Great to see you working on games now, Spicy!

I was wondering how other devs using GMS2 would react, and it's been quite clear that there's been a big shift towards Godot as of late.

It sucks that it's going sub-only, but thankfully, options exist!

That is definitely odd.

I don't believe I had that kind of knowledge to place a cryptocurrency miner in a Construct 2 game of this size - it's under 100MB too, so I can't even explain what the deal is!

Were playing it on the browser or did you download it?

Thanks Audrey.

I'll keep an eye out.

Can't make any promises, but you'll be the first one to know if I'm lucky to find them. :)

Hey there!

It's been a long time since I worked on this, so I'm unsure if I still have the game files to update this one...

But I appreciate that you played it!

Your beef is with Materia Collective, not the Celeste development team.

Actually do some research.


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From Weathered Sweater...

SKATOR GATOR was just minding his own business when those greedy capitalist robots started ruining his swamp! I mean they’re draining the peat bog just to make mini golf courses!? 

Skate across their oil pipelines towards the city to advocate for change and cause some mayhem along the way.

20+ levels of fast-paced, lane-based platforming lie ahead - help Greenjamin take a stand for the environment!

Play now in your browser or download it for Windows, Mac, and Linux!

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Thank you for the review, Rupert!

The original version of the game actually had infinite ammo, but it was way too easy as a result - though for something initially made for a game jam, I could only polish up as much as I could.

Unsure if I would do a version 1.2, but if I decide to get in gear and make a full-fledged game out of it (or a sequel), I will definitely consider ways to make it a lot more interesting. Hopefully Flanigan is up to do some arrangements in the future...

Thank you!

Where else does she pop up? I only find her in the auditorium!

For some reason, itch didn't let me see this comment for so long....

But thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked the patterns. :)

That was beautiful. Really felt like something I've been constantly going through.

Tomorrow, I'll try again.

This game gets me somehow.

Very zen.

That mouth beam was something I did not expect. Great stuff.

Here's my take on the jam results, with some postmortem stuff tossed in the mix!

@Jupiter_Hadley Hey, thanks so much for the feature!


Thanks! I've noticed that it tends to really blur a bit when you move quickly. As for effects, I haven't really experimented with them in Construct 2, but I will definitely look into how they could help add a certain style to the game.

So far, it's my favorite game of this year's LOWREZJAM.

Was backtracking a lot to find missing stars, which got me to peruse the environments over and over again, which I enjoyed.

Great job!

Version 1.3 is now live!


  • Yeah, I've been meaning to alter it to fit a 64px grid. I wasn't able to find a way during development, but I have found a suitable replacement and it will be implemented today.
  • I'll look into altering the controls for progression since they are a bit scattered.
  • As for restarting after death, that period between death and hitting the restart button was mostly there as a bit of a rest stop. For instance, a few folks I had that played it would take their time waiting between resets, which helped them to gather thoughts (or lament at me for how cruel my level design is).

Glad you enjoyed it! :D

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Aww shucks!

Don't tell anyone, but I've been messing around with the old game files. I actually have a completed version with all the levels I built way back. :D

Might just fix it up to be all nice and release it very soon. We'll see. ;)

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

A 5-star game.

I was laughing throughout the game as I played. Great job!

This is fantastic!

I've personally released patches for bugs since I don't want people to come away with a bad impression of my work.

So glad to see a fellow LOWREZJAM 2014 project resurface!

Made a game in 24 hours.

To be fair, it was less of a personal challenge and more of a "oh my god, I spent all my time on coursework and nearly forgot to make a LOWREZJAM game" scenario.

But hey, it got made!

In terms of bugs, I'd say yeah.

It really is the worst time to have started your #LOWREZJAM project right near the end (was busy with a capstone project for college), but I'm jamming all day today to get it done!

Basically, it's me returning to my LRJ2014 project, Marble Incline. The original was probably one of the toughest projects I worked on, since I tried to really hold myself to the low-res feel. Even had the game land on a YouTube show, which made all the legwork worth it.

It had a weird executable when I wrapped it up, so not a lot of people were able to play it properly. At least with my growing knowledge of Construct 2, development appears to be a whole lot better.

Anyways, have a logo, a screenshot, and a (death animation) GIF of Marble Incline Redux! Still have a lot to work on in the next few hours, so wish me luck!