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Thank you! I'm a big mythology and history nerd so I was just really curious about the worldbuilding and stuff

ohhh, gotcha. Just wanted to make sure I understood cause I'm big into mythology and I was just wondering. 

Haven't played the game in a hot second so I might just be forgetting something, but what does "Mythical" actually mean?

I remember that word or something like it being  used as a noun for what Asterion and Luke and stuff actually all themselves, but what does it mean specifically? Would it also refer to like a genuinely evil spirit or something? Would it also refer to a literal witch or a fae? Like would Baba Yaga be a mythical? Would Cthulu?

I'm just curious cause in a lot of fictional worlds like this there are usually different "camps" where one group is cool and another is totally down to just kill people. I'm also wondering where more malevolent and violent beings from mythology and folklore fit in to this world.

PC - player character

The Hippocratic Oath, as many know, is an ethical oath that many in the medical profession are required to take in order to begin practice. However, in its earliest forms, it was an oath to Apollo, Asclepius, Hygieia, and I think another Greek deity. The point is, it was an ethical oath taken by practitioners of medicine to various Greek gods, promising to uphold certain ethical standards. However, one clause in the earliest known copy says that those who take the oath cannot do harm or injustice to a patient.

If the PC had some kind of background in medicine, even as small as having been a temporary med student, they may have taken this oath. Likely as a joke in an undergrad class, but nevertheless, an oath is an oath. Assuming they have, let’s look at one of the first things the PC does; get the wine for Asterion and help him heal.

By doing this, the PC would technically have taken Asterion as a patient, even if it was only temporarily.

Now, looking at it all as a whole; the PC has taken an oath to Apollo to not harm a patient and has technically taken Asterion as a patient. Meaning the PC cannot harm Asterion and literally no one can try to make him.

*waits for Agros’ head to explode*

I really like the management aspect of the game and I was wondering if there would be more management days? I feel like there's so many personal storylines and projects that I wanna finish but I hardly had the time to finish more than two or three. Are there ever gonna be enough management days to finish it all in one playthrough?

just curious about if this game intends to keep any creepy/horror/jumpscare themes? cool either way, but I like to be prepared lol

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I actually have a quick question if you don't mind. I'm struggling to figure out how to get the option for Sara's Kitsune transformation. What are the prerequisites for this?

I played this game for a singular day and I’m already having to fight the urge to write fanfiction about it