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Hi! I  nice game. It is very strategic if you want to get to the later stages. And I made the mistake of spamming my attacks in the beginning. Eventually I am at the mercy of the dice to get the attack I need. The only thing I was missing is more animations for the various attacks. Overall great game, music, art and presentation!

Hi! Great game!

This is one of the best puzzle game's I have seen in the jam so far. The art ready for release and the game mechanics are well fleshed out. It took me quite some effort to get through the levels (especially the last one) It is about correct alignment with movement and spikes to get to the exit with exactly one step remaining. 

The levels are cleverly designed and usually take some trial and error to find the correct route, since taking a different turn can result in drastic different outcome (missing health or steps). This takes some freedom away from the player.

The soundtrack and story go well with the game. Nice use of the jam limitation. I have not heard of team Badcat before. Are you game dev students? Below is my playthrough, nice game!

Great game! 

The mood was very dark and the art was nice crystal-like. Lots of effects and varied enemies. You said at the end you ran out of time but I think you have way to many levels! The  game was quite difficult with managing your health and killing enemies at once. Soundtrack and sound effects we're also very good. Lots of satisfying effects when killing enemies. Well done!!

Here is my playthrough.

Hi! Great game. This feels like a combination of the grow& get stronger and delve deeper type games. The small fish are very important to keep healthy. On the deeper depths things become very hard to see and I have a difficult time seeing what killed me. The ambient sound and soundeffects we're great additions and really added to the experience. 

Well done and thanks for sharing! Here is my playthrough

Great game! The art, the music and the gameplay all fit together very nicely. The monochrome palette is simple and cute, and the player mushroom is also very cute. There seems to be a lot of attention to the soundtrack since  each level has its own one. The story could be elaborated more in the game using the signs. Overall well done!

Here is my playthrough.

Amazing game! 

The limitation of using health as a tool is perfectly used. The graphics are very nice and soundtrack is pleasant to hear. The randomly generated levels allow for endless replayability. Difficulty increases properly and the game becomes more challenging the farther you go. Also very nice presentation and cover image!

Here is one of my playthroughs.

Hi! Nice game and great art. Things go quite fast the lower you go so the jetpack becomes a valuable addition. The only thing I was missing is a soundtrack and progress bar that I was charging the parachute. Seems like there is some story behind it (judging from the thumbnail). Well done!

Here is my playthrough

Hi! Thanks for playing. I wanted to vary up the combat with more types of enemies, but in the end I settled for more enemies for time constraint. The sword effect is nothing more than storing some points every frame and drawing lines between them! You can see the code from the p8.png pico8 source file!

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It works now! The game has a dark mood. The various creatures we're interesting to encounter. I did not feel like I had much control over the shuttle with strafing left/right. The music also stopped halfway through (maybe set it on looping). I also liked the mystery of the game and the upgrades dropped from the creatures. Story aspect could be enhanced with some radio com dialogue. 

Very nice!

Very satisfying gameplay, though the colors are a bit dark at times. The game is challenging and the limitations of the jam are incorporated well. A nice arcade game!

Hi! I cant play your game. When I click play I get a full black screen but nothing happens. Maybe add a binary version (Linux)?

Nice ambience in your game! The theme song reminds me of spongebob. I did not need to use fireballs to get through the level. The art is great, though indeed very blue. I managed to get through the level quite easily! 

Here is my playthrough.

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Hey! I am playing your game again but I think I have found a bug. The evil fish seem to be not so evil since they increase my HP!  All I do is let them hit me and my health increases. I am not sure if this is intended behavior. Also, I do not know which button is to shoot my gun.

Also: Since your game is fully html, you should consider uploading a web version to itch. Simply rename to index.html and pack into a zip, then upload to itch and everyone can play in the browser!

Hi! Thanks for the kind words. I was in a real hurry to finish this for the jam. I am happy you enjoy it!

Hi! Thanks for the kind words. If you are interested in Pico8 you download the source of this cart  (p8.png) at the downloads and hack away!

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Thanks. Nice game. The art is very nice and the story is also inspiring. The story paths are a bit short and I died once, but I enjoyed the narrative. The way you incorporated the health limitation was also creative, with the bone mermaid.

Hi! Nice pico game.

 The art is very smooth and satisfying and the animations are also very cool. The game can be kind of cheated by rapidly switching between lanes and rapid firing the gun. The metal enemies are a nice addition. Also the upgrades are cool, would love to have seen gun upgrades of some sort. I got to stage 10.

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Hi! I cant play your game! I am getting errors when loading. Please fix. I am using Brave web browser. I have tried chromium and other web browsers too. If possible maybe add a binary build (Linux) ?

Nice game! The gameplay is simple and the objective is clear. Though there is little difficulty and sense of progress (you can go on forever). The music is fitting and graphics are the best.

Hi! Nice game. The aesthetics and animations are very cute. Initially I did not know that I had to press E to launch myself. The items also pass a little too fast to have a sense of control. 

Hi. Interesting game. The soundtrack was very energetic. I did not really know where to go, maybe some arrow indicating where to head would be  helpful. Also the other fish are very fast and sometimes teleport on my goldfish. A nice twist on the descend deeper concept!

I think riding on the aliens should be a feature!

Hi. Interesting game. The soundtrack and art was good, but I was missing some gameplay! The descend did not feature any threats to me. The most exciting part was the boss fight at the bottom with the giant crab. I like the idea and the upgrade mechanics.

Hi! Nice game. 

The turtle is very cute and I was surprised that he could shoot lasers from his eyes. Maybe include some tutorial text and the beginning. A soundtrack is missing. I discovered some secret techniques where I could sit on the head of an alien and massacre the world! 

Well done! I recorded my playthrough in this video.

Hi. Amazing game. 

The first few minutes I was going down and I did not know I had to go up. Maybe add some floor to the bottom to prevent falling into the abyss. The gameplay is challenging and the repair bots are well positioned. The music was very fitting with the personality of the character. 

 With some upgrades and more places to explore, I think this can be a great game! I recorder my playthrough in a video.

Nice adventure game. The varying upgrades added to the experience, though I was missing a speed option to descend faster.

Nice art. Well done mechanics for such a short development time!

Hi! Thanks for playing. I indeed did not think about difficulty when developing the game. It is not a problem if the ball repeats endlessly, you can put a diagonal line in its path to free it

Great tower defense game. It is quite different from the typical tower defense where you place and forget. This one is slightly difficult at times, but the trick is to combine the towers with the weakness of the enemy. Well done!

Nice puzzle game! The levels are well designed. Sometimes the cut does not register if you move too fast

Hi. The game was a bit short, but it is a nice basis for a larger game! The robot voice was a nice addition.

Hi. Nice adventure game. The ability to travel to the past and future added much depth to the game.

Really good concept and nice story added to it. Very fun gameplay.

Hi! Very cool puzzle concept. The tutorial is an excellent introduction to the game. You can certainly try and add some more levels to turn it into a larger game!

Hi. Nice game and great idea to control the mower with wires. My lawn mower went havoc sometimes and nearly destroyed the house however

Hi. Your game has nice graphics. This is my retro puzzle game . There is a secret ending at the end

Hi. The ending of your game was too sad.  Here is my puzzle game: , though it is quite a challenging experience. Hope you can beat all levels to find the secret ending!

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I was confused when the level ends. I thought the doorway was the exit. It was not clear to me that the red memory link ends the level. Also nice music!

Hi. Thanks for your feedback! Line erasers and mouse controls are good suggestions. 

Hi. I like the setting. I think it is all part of the game to have generator overloads and figure things out on the spot. Well done!