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Thanks For Feedback. I am not good at making sounds or either graphics so this is the game i could make. :P

Great Game ! Can you also try mine ?

This post will say what do you need to expect in a month when this new game launches !

First, it will be an easier game with more options and things to do. Second, it will have 20 levels when it will be launched, this game will involve just one BOSS FIGHT at the beginning. Third, the date is not certain and maybe be longer but NOT shorter than that deadline. Fourth, this game will have swords and items to use and fight. Fifth, i will send spoilers every 2-3 weeks on the progress on the game.  And, also i am not stopping the 0.4 update of Bouncy ! Bouncy ! But, 0.4 will be the last update of Bouncy ! Bouncy ! for these latest 4-5 months to start the development of Cube Control.

Kind Regards,

- Swordcraft Studios Team