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I should note for others - you can quickly restart from the Pause menu, via Esc or Start.

I feel like I started to break hell. The shots could use some sense of impact, enemies don't seem to react that much. I'm interested to see what else you do with this.

This is pretty solid, although I think I had different expectations. The opening screen made me think that I'd have unlimited bombs, and would be able to really fly through levels, and I immediately felt the fluidity of something like Meat Boy or Luftrausers, but that I'd have to soar through the air with pixel perfect explosions directing my motion. Instead it ended up being more of a resource management game with confined environments.

Overall I'd say its promising and I like what you've done so far, well done on the level editor.

This is a cool take on SPORTS. Reminds me of Inazuma 11. I think a limit on path length would be good, although it was fun scribbling for 2 minutes and watching them run around for 10.

This shit is fun man. I enjoyed myself. I feel like with a tiny bit more "progression" and some ADS you got yourself a mobile cash cow... aka I would play it on the shitter and enjoy myself.

This was cool, I adapted to the controls a lot quicker than I thought. Ice gun is OP - for waves 2 to 8 I stood in one spot and was able to take out everything without moving, which was strangely satisfying. Seems like a solid foundation, I'd be interested to see where you go with this.

I had fun. I enjoyed the different powerups, and liked that there wasn't really an extra to using them once I'd unlocked them. It was sort of frustrating trying to get into the 1x1 paths, although I'm not sure if that's my own shittiness, or something to change. Maybe a slightly smaller hitbox on the player? Also, 8-way "look" would be cool for fighting enemies, I often found them diagonal to me, but running diagonal is twice as fast and feels DANGEROUS.

Also, was it intentional to have the tempo of the regular drill line up with the music? If so, nicely done. If not, nicely done!