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Fun, easy, and builds a bit of atmosphere. A nice and simple game for halloween. I enjoyed it quite a bit, I gotta say!

I Like the idea of this, though the hit box on the trees are a little wonky, and I ended up climbing on air. I love the four colors you used, and like the other commenter, I think something to better distinguish the nuts and nests would be cool. The music is nice and relaxing, and I certainly think this could be polished into a little fun game. For a first try, this is pretty nice. B)

This was super cute!! I love the artstyle and the clothing options for this lil' game. I'd love to see this more fleshed out, maybe with doing mini games to buy accessories or other things? I dunno but this was a sweet lil' time spender.

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Here's how my first playthrough went:

I clicked around trying to figure out what I was doing. I didn't really get the hook thing that much until a few minutes in, and it was slow. However..

I hopped into the water, and that was a mistake. I was missing so much stuff that I thought I should get, and a shark was immediately on me, pushing me away from the raft. I couldn't seem to get closer to the raft even after the shark left, I even tried jumping on it to get away, yet it only made it more obvious that I couldn't control well in the water.

My first playthrough ended quickly, with my fatigue not even up that high.

Second round went much better, I actually started building... until I died of dehydration. Whoops. That's on me to figure out though! I look forward to this game, and while there's issues right now, I know there's going to be a lot of updates and things to look forward too.


I died by giving him doughnuts, and I must say:

This demo, and eventually this game too, will be a blessing upon this planet.

I will given my blood to the blood god because YES.

Hey Nami! I adore your work, and while I'm not normally a fan of this type of game(more slice of life-ish), I love this. This series makes me feel good! It's super cute, and I constantly run around to find all of the little secrets you put in there. They art style is super adorable, and I genuinely love it.

I keep telling my friends to play this and spread it around, and those who have have loved it and went on about it! I love the music and the cute..Well, everything. It's such a good game series, and I genuinely love how you make it.

I was curious, too, how long on average does it take for you to make these games? (including custom tilesets, sprites, etc.) I'm also an aspiring game developer, probably for RPG Maker VX ace too, and this game series is what made me really want to do more with it!! c:

This was such a cute demo. I'm basically in love with this already, and I don't commonly play through each end in games like this... And I feel like this will be one of the ones I'll not just play through all of them, but go back to play through my favorite endings. I love the art, music, style.. Just everything!! I'm so excited for this and I hope this comes out soon!! I know this will be a hit and if it's not--well, I'll be disappointed in the gaming community.

Super cute and fun!! I wish it was longer, but it's so good how it is!! uwu I hope to see more like this!!