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For some reason I keep getting an error prompt when I try to save, does anyone have a solve for this? :) Nvm yall im dumb. If anyone has a problem with this try and open the game through your files instead of Itch. Will save you a lot of time lol. 

I am sure the heartache you’re feeling right now is great, and I am so sorry. Please just remember that you’re your own person and you don’t need anyone to make you amazing and valued. I hope that things work out, but if not, there are so many things and people out there just waiting to enter your life. 🤍

There’s a link that helped me^

My best advice is to actually download the itchio app. There should be instructions online for that. If you download the app on your pc then you can download the game within the app rather than having to save files and all that! Hope this helps. 

you look stunning! And the scenery is beautiful as well, along with the groom. 

super amazing start, cannot wait for the finished product keep up the work :)

I have been following this project for a long time and I am so excited to play! :)

I haven’t even finished the story yet, as I do require at least a few hours of sleep,  but you’re an amazing author with a unique imagination! Keep working hard, this is a very attention grabbing story. I cannot wait to see any further work you release :).

demo was great! cant wait for the finished product

Thankyou for doing this! I love all your works and can’t wait for your future releases! :)

I loved this story a lot, but when January asked to have a baby with another woman and seer just agreed to it I was like huh? Cause I definitely would not be okay with that. Great story though.

it’s sad that this series won’t be continues but OH MY GOSH amazing game. I also played aloners and I was astonished. What can I say I love the broken and closed off boys! This story had an amazing plot with good development and some really fun and adult lead situations which put you on edge! Loved this story so much I cannot wait for your next project. You are truly one of my favorite authors for Interactive fiction! 

Just finished the Julian path and I am hoping that with these next Crimpson Spires "content" we get to see how there life pans out, because the game abruptly cut off, leaving me aching to see more! whether that was growing old with said partner, finally making the walls come down, possibly having children or seeing what is SO scary on the outside of those dang towers! I cannot wait until we get to hear about this new content.

Nevermind i literally figured it out a minute later. Lmao

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Loved this game so much, i cant even describe it. I cant wait till the next season comes out. I do have a question though. I paid for the Ye Olde Folly Faire and i was able to download it but when I go to actually run it, the game just appears as a white screen. Any advice would be appreciated cause im kind of a dumbass lol. 

I think I of course got the back ending on my first try with august 😭. Will there be a guide on how to get the good ending? 

First game I have ever bought on Cant Wait to play :)

if you follow her on tumblr she has said it will most likely be out mid October. 🙂

okay Thankyou I cannot wait for the full game. Will the full game cost any money cause either way I will get it just wondering :)

Oh yeah my apologies I’ll delete my post :)

I loved the demo i cant wait for the full release. Is that still planned for september or has the plan changed? I love your art style and the scary and suspenseful vibe of the game ive never seen anything like it. :)

This was a very nice and heartfelt game. I will admit im a wussy and cried a couple of times but it was great. :)

luckily though there is still 6 chapters so maybe XD 

same. Just...same

I understand that :). Cant wait for the next chapter.

No, Thankyou for the amazing game! I was also wondering if you plan on having any 18+ scenes or just keeping it like PG 13? Either way is great I was just wondering because I feel like it adds depth to certain characters and connections between them :) 

if you like this game you might also like The Neptune Diaries and Perfumare. So maybe check them out if you like the creating your own story and choosing romance paths stuff. 

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although the game hasn’t proceeded very far yet, I really am enjoying the story and the overall vibe given off for the scenery. I was just wondering when you will have another chapter out? No pressure if you don’t know. Anyways, I really love this story so far and I’m excited to continue the Gage route. (  I always go for the mysterious edgy boys first) I will most definitely check out any future games if you do decide to make any. :)

Could you tell us who or would that be 2 much spoilers lol? 

I just finished chapter 6  and the Ren scene had me screaming XD. I hope we get more scenes like that cause I was not complaining. I also really hope we get to learn more in depth stuff about his past and why his marks glowed blue. You guys have a very unique development style and you do it very well. If you do any future projects I will most definitely check them out. :)

Thats great because i am so excited to continue the Ren route.

I really love the game play and how quickly the romance moves at a certain point. I really enjoy this story so far i hope you will come out with another chapter soon:)

This was a really great story so far. It has a good amount of options, romance, action and mystery. I cannot wait for the next chapter to come out if you are working on it. :)