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Isaac Sweet

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I loved it~ I know I didn't quite play around with everything, but the writing was great. Reminds me of how much I love my online friends and how bad I am at interacting with them, hehe.

Never heard of em'

Is jumping on drunkards head supposed to be allowed? I want to jump off their head.
Also, I'm having a hard time telling when the light kills you or if there's a damage buffer.
I feel more like the game just happens to be at night than me being sneaky. Perhaps add some more really dark areas, like alley ways.

I feel like I'm lacking options to increase the scare meter, especially if I make a minor mistake early, snowballing into ultimate failure. I wonder if other features could be implemented to give more strategic options as people really get into it. Some easy to learn/hard to master stuff.

Name: Isaac Sweet

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