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You made it to the end! Our results screen could be doing with a bit more feedback on your success or fail. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Do you have that Doggo onesie IRL? I wonder if the date would find that attire amusing at dinner:p

Thanks for playing! We have a few bugs to iron out and some plans for better user feedback -- we hear you loud and clear :D

That's a win in our book too! Congrats on getting to the end and thank you for making such an entertaining video! 

Thank you!

Hey Benjams, thanks for playing Check, Please! Due to the nature of the jam we ran out of time to implement a success / failure screen which were distinguishable from each other. Once you have fed her the 3 meatballs you win! 

We have a few ideas of what we would have done differently for the success / failure screen but to honour the rules of the LD jam we haven't updated the game yet. 

Thanks for playing!