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Cozy goblin & dwarf game~

I hope to see the day this will become a zombie-rave party game.

Very awesome aesthetics! ^^

I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, but the start button doesn't do anything for me on the web version. By the Screenshots I must also mention that the aesthetics look really neat!

Pretty nice dash game, I'd like if there was a impact sound when landing or something for some more feedback, umpf, but good vibes with it already!

I feel like the collisions are off at times, I was pretty sure I didn't hit the spikes, yet still got boinked by them at times. Nice work though and keep at it! ^^

Neat game! Feels good to play, lovely soundtrack!

Really neat game, jolly fun!

Some coins are impossible to get, that frustrated me lol, base is solid - keep working, keep making!

Very beautiful looking place, not sure how I am supposed to get over some parts at times, but that's fine. For extra atmosphere could add some sea-birds around, making ambient noises at times. Neat work overall though!

Love the graphics and the music, quite the vibe!

Makes me want Christmas, so it does bring the mood. :D

Very nice graphics, the game-play may need some work, so that there would be more of a impact feel behind actions, easiest way would probably to add some sound or such. Aesthetics are marvelous though!

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Took me 89-years, probably slow.  Jolly little clicker game,  I see many ways this could be expanded upon. With perhaps only land routes at start, slower etc - upgrading them, making it into a full blown clicker and some pixel art graphics perhaps + events that can happen to ships/caravans. Good start though!

My office day simulator. It's a nice coffee-break game at office - for the total immersion. Neat cozy vibes to it, well done!

Thank you! Very neat game! ^^

True hero.

Quite the experience.

You literally can't escape was in the slogan, perhaps it's 'true'

Yeah figured it out, just didn't work in the browser I was using at that moment. Thanks for the answer still, probably will help other people who might be as dumb as me~ :D

Not sure how I progress here, although the room-mate Minotaur does look really cute & fancy.

Any possible web version, or linux :)?

I hope the green fella (you) gets to make more levels hahaa. Great Work!

Sounds or some soundtrack would add a lot to the mood, the skellies sure wanted to push me alot.

Feeling rich now

Haha interesting, very neat work on it

Classic qwop, solidly done, though I would have liked to see more deviation from the original, but still good work!

Haha those sound effects. Nice little game!

Neat little game. To polish it I'd add some simple track to ingame too and perhaps some gfx when enemies hit you, to create some impact? 

Neat vibe, solid game~

Quite the strange trip, but interesting environments~

Works, neat graphics and solid gameplay, though the sound levels feel a bit off at times compared to the music.

Very epic indeed, can confirm. The greatest of geometric objects warring~ :D

Works well, solid work. The only thing that irks me is that the music doesn't fit well together with the sfx~ perhaps some more simple midi loop instead

Neat little platformer, works well and solid work. I like the graphics, but the background wall would really look more fabulous with some more variation and perhaps some normal & ice vines to the level  etc. Good work so far~

That's a lot of walking, should have taken the hobo to walk with me~

Works, feels fluid and even better- works well on my old computer even if I spam it full of objects there.

Once I get past the instructions I only see a black screen, crosshair and gui items for some strange reason, perhaps it's just something to do with webgl  and firefox life.

Love the look of those lions haha