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Ooh interesting mechanic there! Solid little coffe-break game! ^^

That was interesting, quite the penguin cloud-saver festival going on there~ cute

Point till victory~ The sounds levels a are a bit loud I must say.

Boid party

Works, solid, but needs a bit more of different kinds of donuts in it~ Had some duels with a friend~

What's the black circle for? Needs some AI drivers to bounce you around~

Lovely little coffee-break game. Good atmosphere and solid game-play, though I would have preferred some other ways to go under & over instead of mouse swipe. Works well on a mobile device though! Also the black eye birds do look a bit demonic at times (star menu)

Took me a bit to understand what am I fighting against at the start, torches on head little creatures?  Solid work, though I'd suggest to add more "crunch" to the combat, perhaps a highlight if you hit a creature, it flashes .  Otherwise a good game prototype that could be expanded more out of the initial loop.

It's a bit janky yeah, but still feels good. I would like to be able to hit the bat when on it even though I also take damage, sometimes it seems it didn't work. Good initial prototype though with solid graphics accompanying it! Some sound feedback on hits would add a lot too or some more contrast full flashing white effect.

Really good coffee-break experience, though I have to admit that sometimes the tile contrasts strain my eyes a bit.

Good little coffee-break game! Some areas would need some polish, but otherwise a nice experience already~

The download definitely wasn't for linux, though I can rune it through proton albeit there are some graphical glitches.  Otherwise a nice chill coffe-break game!

Graphics are awesome, would benefit from some somber tune added to it a lot, some Chopin funeral march ;)

Like previously said, solid and needs some spice to it eventually. Besides that I'd make the graphics styles your own. Make the aliens a bit different and everything else, perhaps a simple background!

Nice work! I really love the art style of this and the chill vibes.

Utterly surprised about how smooth this is, even when opening big files and zooming in & out on large map drawings I do. Asesprite slowly dies when I do that, but this just works. Marvelous work! 

Where's my linux build ( I use arch btw)

Happens~ On the game, I loved the atmosphere of it, graphics and the game-play loop. Had some small issues with the view not catching up to my character, but maybe that was intentional, otherwise solid work!

Really enjoyed the vibe of this game and the overall setting, good work!

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux and in download the following icons too, though the actual download is only a executable Windows build. Is the Linux and macOS build coming?

Quite a slippery trashcan, I am. Wonderful little game~

Fun, good to eyes and has a wonderful feel to it overall

Solid, but short and no challenge. It's a nice foundation for a platformer game though. Right now It's all about the jumping, make the enemies wreck me! :D

You only have the Exe without the assets, so sadly can't try your game. 

Maybe just having going forward and back is enough, so it's more comfortable. A bit of polish and could be a really nice casual mobile game~

Lovely little roguelike, though I felt like graphics felt a bit out of place at times, like there were two different styles there, otherwise nice! Gotta get those angels.

You're welcome. I am always intrigued about how games were done, so had to read it. :)

You were quite in sync, no conflicts in the artstyle and everything fit together well.

Interesting read, always lovely to read the process behind it.