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Quite a slippery trashcan, I am. Wonderful little game~

Fun, good to eyes and has a wonderful feel to it overall

Solid, but short and no challenge. It's a nice foundation for a platformer game though. Right now It's all about the jumping, make the enemies wreck me! :D

You only have the Exe without the assets, so sadly can't try your game. 

Maybe just having going forward and back is enough, so it's more comfortable. A bit of polish and could be a really nice casual mobile game~

Lovely little roguelike, though I felt like graphics felt a bit out of place at times, like there were two different styles there, otherwise nice! Gotta get those angels.

You're welcome. I am always intrigued about how games were done, so had to read it. :)

You were quite in sync, no conflicts in the artstyle and everything fit together well.

Interesting read, always lovely to read the process behind it.