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Its really amazing. Enjoyed it!

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my name is Sven and I'm currently working on a game in gamemaker 1.4

It's called AdoraHop and is heavily inspired by the questionable affection to animals that my beloved girlfriend has.

Let me guide you trough for a second:

You play as a dog in the beginning and need to jump up platforms to beat your highscore, with SPACE you can perform an extra jump to save yourself, when it's too close.

The game gets progressively harder and you will eventually fall to your demise! But worry not, because with your earned coins, which you gathered by your failed attempt, you can now look differently! And we talk dog-to-cat differently!

The game is meant to be played while waiting for a quequein other games or try to kill some time.

I hope you test it and give me your insights and opinions!

Bye, have a good time!


I've been using this site for a little bit and silly me just found out about this forum.

I'm a hobbyist in the world of gamedevelopment,

but definitley aim for a employment at some point,

which is why I'm gonna study computer science here in germany in 2020 (saarland).

I've been grewing up with art as my passion, but at some point

went into gamedev.

It's been a lifechanging decision for me and I dont 

regret any second if it.

I mainly use GML but I'm dipping my toes into C++ more and more.

I hope I'll find lots of help on GameDev here.

Have a nice day :)

Hey Ronan!

Your second guess was correct -  LIME was made in Game Maker 1.4

It started out as a little scrippleprogram, but became something more after little time.

Using a game-engine for a drawing-program sounds odd, but has lots of benefits.

I just wish I would have programmed with more comments and care,when I started this project - It's a mess, haha!

Game Maker is really strict about saving and exporting and I haven't put too much research into it yet.

You're right - Saving should be a core-aspect and it drags the quality of the software down.

But as I have never developed a pixelart/drawing-tool, I mainly focused on having all the tools and the canvas work.

When moving on to animations, I will workover the filemanagment.

Thanks for your interest!

Take care!