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Oh man, I got stuck on a bug. When you press file->open on the start screen you don't get to see the title sequence and gain almost no xp during the fights while losing no health. After discovering that, I really had fun. Really like the "playing in paint" style and the mechanics!

Oh, thank you. I didn't figure that out on my own. Will try again! 

It always restarts when I bounce in an enemys head. Am I doing something wrong?

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How do you vote sound, when the game has no sound?

The art is beautifully drawn and I love the story, you're telling. GIFs could have made it more comfortable, but it's fine, the way it is, too. Would have loved more branching parts but I'm not sure, if that would have benefitted the story. 

I, too, love the art you've created. It's a fun little game with a cute ending. 

Thank you very much. It got exhausting in the middle of the process, but with feedback like that, I think I might continue working on it!

That' beautifully drawn and executed. Love it!


That is beautiful!

But using brushes like spray can in MS Paint is allowed right? I don't have that classic "paint-look" but I did all graphics with MS Paint.


maybe you can  delete this post, after you've read it. I played as the male character and accused the murder of the murder by making the cook confess that she was told to poison the tea. At the very last page, someone referred to me as "PC Name" instead of "Alexander". Just a minor issue to insert the name there, i guess...

This is a true masterpiece. I really enjoyed playing it and solving the murder. Must have taken you lots of hours to create the story and the gameplay. 

Found a minor error on the last page. How can I tell you without spoiling anyone in the comment section?


Use your imagination!