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Can't wait for beta 3!!! This game is great so far, and i cant wait for it to get even better!

Posts like these remind me of the olden days before noobs roamed so many games.

But yea, Let us donate!

Wildrage do you realize that you are making yourself look stupid in the comments, therefore making your objective harder to understand. Also, You should calm the f--k down please. We dont need idiots like you ruining these games.

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What a great game! Cant wait for more features, Also i made a video on this!

i feel so lonely being one of the only people that actually found it from browsing itch and not from youtube :/

For all those people having trouble with downloading, a couple of things.

1 - Check your OS, this game only supports windows so if you are not on windows, be paitent and wait until they make a Mac OS version. (they might not though)

2 - Read the description. in it has a OBVIOUS hint that would help you out. (hint: tcih cienlt)

Oh and devs, Good job on the game, very entertaining game.