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One of the nice things about making puzzle games for game jams is that they aren't often subject to the same problems that platformers and action games have, namely that they require more art and are often buggy/have bad 'game feel' due to time constraints. However, puzzle games are challenging in that they often must be very simple for the audience to understand intuitively and each level is often short, requiring several levels in order to feel like a more complete demo of the idea the game is trying to convey. This game does both those pretty well, with 15 levels and a premise that is almost immediately picked up on. It is also easy to see where the game can be challenging in a full release. Since it seems like the team is considering doing a full release, I would like to point out a two things that would help make the game easier to pick up and play.

-Icons on the squares. The option to include patterns is very helpful for colorblind folks, but the patterns don't disclose much about what the tile actually does. A simple arrow pointing in a direction would not make the game much easier, especially if the levels continue to include more types of tiles in much larger quantities. It is simply too difficult to remember colors alone when trying to pair it with its function. Also consider what would happen if someone were to play for a while and then come back at a later date; they would forget what all the tiles meant and have to start over. The ability to pick-up-and-play is a key factor in mobile game success.

-Resetting. Sometimes you notice that where you put the dot isn't going to work and so your options are to either wait until it fails or to go back to the main menu. A button dedicated to this would be convenient. 

I hope your full release goes well, don't forget to think outside the box of this jam for inspiration.

hey bud it looks like you had an exporting issue. Don't sweat it, exporting can be tricky sometimes. Some info for next time: 

Everything is pretty tiny and the bullets move pretty slow. Imo it would improve the game feel if the camera zoomed in and followed the player and if the bullets were faster. It's still pretty solid besides that

How do you run a .yyp file?

Nice, but yeah ditch the completely random aiming. Another possibility (if you still want the aim to be hard to predict) is to make it move back and forth really quick from whatever direction you point it at. And the random explosions aren't fun. I still had fun with it though since I just ended up sprinting through the whole thing; it almost seemed the hook aimed better when I did that? Might be just dumb luck.

Presentation is great, props for that. A part of me wishes the enemies changed their path when the tiles disappeared, but I fear that would lead to unwinnable games if the right tiles were deleted. A few things: a tile for where the enemies spawn/the goal would be nice, the music cuts out after a little while, and the part count is somewhat unpredictable (one wave I didn't gain any, another I gain 25 parts in one frame). It's a more complete game than mine is though so you get props for that lol. Maybe next time focus on just getting one really good level rather than 10 okay levels.

I like being able to punt the smaller birds 5/5

Hi, yes I did playtest the game and I was able to complete it. I didn't realize until watching some friends play it that the controls are difficult to understand due to the limited space you are given to really learn them. If I had more time I definitely would have made the first room bigger and easier to play around with things.

If you are looking to beat it, one thing to note is that you can push off the wall perpendicular or parallel to it. So to get out of the initial box you must position yourself on the middle-bottom tile, press W and release Space to push upwards. The "puzzle" aspect of the game comes into play because when you push off, you can only grab onto a surface in front of you -- forcing you to think ahead as to which way you will need to face in order to reach certain areas. Also don't reset in the second room, there's a bug that causes the spawnpoint to be in the wrong spot which softlocks the game.

If the controls are frustrating, I'm sorry and I understand, I will be updating this game after the jam with better controls and some other bugfixes I found after submitting it. Thanks for playing and commenting.