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Love the art style.
From what I played here is what bothered me:
1. As someone mentioned, the side-scrolling seems either lacking or just out of place. I immediately want to get back to the isometric view.

2. Difficult to dodge magic (electric?) bolts. Often I cannot tell whether the bolt will hit me or fly past my back. Especially when the player and the caster are not on the same height level. A small glowing indicator below the bolt might help - after all the bolt is glowing, thus sheds lights. Then again I'm not very good at these kind of games :)

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Ah yes the perspective is rather confusig, and not in a good way. I tried toying around with perspective camera and view angle control but didn't finish it in time.

p.s. likewise, best regards to Sizlak :)

Thanks, I'll try to keep in mind level difficulty next time :) Glad you enjoyed it!

Hmm... sorry but I have no clue as to what may be wrong - I've tested on several browsers and it seemed to work just fine.
Alas, I'm not working on this project anymore so can't help you much. Better luck on other games :)

Could you elaborate on the "cant get it to pull up" part? I'm afraid I don't understand what exactly is not working.
The game should automatically start on game page load.
The controls are listed in the description and in game.

Thanks for trying out the game! :) The launcher is required only in the last level (if i recall correctly), and once can always see undiscovered recipes through recipes menu (Esc > Recipes). Alas only the first level was properly tested due to gamejam time constraints (or rather lack of planing) and is nearly impossible to finish after that :)

Quite enjoyable little puzzle. Managed to beat it but it would be nice to have level restart too, not just game restart.

Note: Had to run "add" command first and locate the file, otherwise the tic computer couldn't load the game even with the *.tic file in the same folder as tic80


I believe it's easier to earn money than lose, so well done. That's some dedication :)

And thanks for playing!


Thanks! And the suggestion is very true, should have added a shortcut, like an 'R' or something. Maybe after the voting is over :)

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for feedback.
There are indeed issues with game balance. Hopefully we will plan more time for testing next time :)