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95.2 seconds :)

3D Platformer Maker is now free!

Also I made a Unity 3PM Importer script. It is on sale - 50% off until July 11th 2017!

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It' 3 PM? No, it's time for 3D Platformer Maker!

3D Platformer Maker allows you to make your own platformer level via intuitive interface - no coding or 3d modeling skills required! 

See more info... Now free!

50% off for Unity 3PM Importer until July 11th 2017!

Sorry, I can't see your submission. Please try to submit again.

But... Now it says:

The category is read-only, new topics or posts can be made

This is kinda not logical. I guess that should say:

The category is read-only, no new topics or posts can be made
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Yet another typo. Screenshot:

Actually took some time to figure out what I need to do in this game. After I figured it out, I found the game pretty interesting.

Cool, short and a bit challenging. Took me 4 tries to complete :)

Some cool comments from your repo:

  • //Incredibly hacky way to rotate the Object without messing up the relative Translate
  • //I just typed these two trig equations because I knew they would give me some sort of angle, and apparently this works
  • //There's a good reason I put this here...I just can't remember right now...

Yes. There are no other rules and no specific theme. Just make sure it is Fast-to-Complete.

Allways is shown instead of Always in game jam settings.

Here's a screenshot: