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Very cool game! Would have loved to see it a little more responsive and less slugish but other than that it was super fun!

That was a very interesting little game!

I loved this so much! Gameplay, art, music, writing! Such a great game!

It would have been very fun to try with a CPU!

That was a very unique game!

I gotta say that was a pretty original concept and you did a pretty good job of realizing it. The controls were a little stiff though, but other than that is was very fun!

Very cool concept! And the aesthetic is cute too.

I didn't really understand it but it looked really cool!

The game was fun but maybe a little too easy :)

Pretty good idea but it could have used more polish.

Wonderful idea, beautifully executed!

Thank you so much!

That's so sweet! Thank you! I tried to iron out all the bugs before submitting but I just didn't run across that one. I will try to figure out what did that and fix it after the game jam ends.

Thank you so much! That means a lot! I was worried it would go too fast if there wasn't a button prompt to go to the next level but I may be wrong. I will definitely try it out without one.

Thank you for the feedback. It definitely could have used more work

Thank you! I could definitely have done a better job at explaining the controls.

I just checked out your game and left a rating. It reminds me of super meatboy but with an iphone game aesthetic but in a good way.

Thank you! I feel like tutorials make or break games so I tried to make a good one.

Thank you so much!

Thank you! I think that simplicity is the only way I could make a good game in 48 hours.

The first level is just the tutorial. Press E to move on to the next level.

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I really enjoyed your game and your level ambush reminds me of the Josephus problem.

Try and rate my game!

Thank you! The controls definitely need some working on!

Thank you! I loved Advanced Wars growing up so I decided to pull from it for the aesthetic!

Thank you so much! I hope you get to finish it!

Nostalgia was exactly what I was going for!

I'm glad you liked it! The picture is actually of American WW2 spy Claire Maybelle Snyder.

Thank you so much!! The intro is pretty long, I should have made it more brief.

You obviously know a thing or two about game feel!

I love that you can choose how you want to solve the puzzles!

I see you also went with an old school aesthetic! And it's pronounced gif, not gif.

Old school is best school!

That means so much! Thank you!!

Gotta love the feeling of a ricocheting hand axe!

Who doesn't like a good story in a game jam!

Bret the lumberjack is metal and I like that!

Thank you Psychpsyo! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I tried to make the restart time very fast so you can quickly jump back in and try again!

Dude, this game slaps! I left a comment talking about how cool your game is and what you could do to make it even better! Definitely keep up the great work!

I legitimately loved this game! The idea, execution, and aesthetic is so rad and I would love to play a much longer version of it! I do have some feedback if you would have it:

Feedback 1: When the player is near the edge of the screen it becomes hard to get a good jump because the cursor hits the edge of the screen.

Feedback 2: Killing the enemy seems to have no bearing on level progression. It would be so cool to see a "pacifist" and "genocide" type thing to make them more important.

Feedback 3: When in the air and trying to do another jump it is very difficult and finicky. It would feel super neat to have some kind of limited slow-mo when trying to do a double jump.

Other than that I think the game is already super fun and with a bit more works could be a killer!

Very simple idea but well executed! I was definitely struggling at first until I realized you can triple jump!

Oh boy, another scary game!!