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I'm talking about the oculus quest

Oh have you never heard of Karlson? Heh Karlson is a game Dani's working it's the (Idk how high it is on wishlist) And he's trying to get it to number 1 so..smash wishlist now GAMERS

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just download it not play from browser

Oh. It also works with a ps4 controller

you need to play with a play station contolle

It is available for quest

I know I was just bored

I use a laptop and it works fine

Among SUS

Among SUS


Because he is

alt and enter...No that's not the close button..the closed button is ALT F4

Your welcome!

NICE GAME!!! I made a video on it! It was terrefying... (Btw last night when I played it I cried cause it said you need a crowbar)

This video was not made last night btw... 

poopoo...Scary.... The perfect game?