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...good game though

Btw i just realized i copied the creators comment :/ lol dont report me i just rlly like copying and pasting sry.

 This game was outside of the box. I really did enjoy the time I spent in Better to Upload. There were plenty of times where bugs and other "dumb" features got me down a bit, but overall this was a very rewarding experience. The only thing I would change is adding the "phone guy". Classic phone guy was Scott Cawthon's way of directing a player without a obvious tutorial. Although in the ever present future, 80's voicmails have become obsolete, so perhaps a foreboding email on the desktop before the player starts or a text message.Mechanically there isn't a camera system, however seamlessly blends with the tone of the game, adding them would feel a bit forced, it was awesome as it is.  This game stays true to the spirit of its inspiration with the iconic throwback to the kitchen as well as the pixel style of mini-game. Game-within-a- game paradox. Although I was eventually able to figure out the full scope of the character behaviors, it took immense trial and error. I thought of including a segment of pure jumpscares, but that would have taken forever. I invested my time into this and I was not disappointed. Ultimately, upon completion, the player feels success. This was really cool, I love the afro-haired animatronic, certainly something I have not seen before. This is special because the inspiration is drawn from FNAF lore, however the developers really made it their own. You will enjoy this, I can tell a lot of development has taken place and it shows. Truly wonderful work! Good review, although I would like to point out some things. [note: I am not the developer of this game, nor am I partnered with them. I know this by simply following them on social media.] This is a game based off a youtuber by the name of CoryXKenshin, and is not a FNaF clone, although it sure draws some inspiration from the franchise. If you have the time, I would highly recommend checking out his channel at Like I said however, great review. I just wanted to point out those details. Also, the fact that the flashlight recharges it a bug. It doesn't recharge, it just returns to 20%. This was said by Tokaint in the chat of a livestream of someone playing the game. Awesome review thank you. This is very early in development and this kinda stuff really helps the game grow. I really like that idea about the email and is kinda something I thought about adding in the full game before but with a little twist. Of course this is definitely not a FNAF clone but it has been an inspiration. This feature and bugs won't be a thing in the full release I will make sure of it. Thank you!! Btw this just a huge summarry of all the comments so dont report me i just wanted to put all the helping people's comments into one big one. :)