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Thank you!

I enjoyed the game. Some of the elements were a bit buggy like the boxes on the plate. Liked the cool levels and themes!



Thanks! The game was meant to be able to be played by 2 people but I also wanted it to be playable to those who played alone.


Thanks! In hindsight I should have made the levels shorter.

Thank you. The ending was decided at the last minute.

Thanks for liking the game!

Oh, I understand, sorry about the misunderstanding

I don't think you played my game. I sent you link at a minute later you send me the comment.

Knot Alone by Super-Fun-Inc (

The last level was challenging since it was different from all the other levels. Some background image would help though. Nice puzzle game, wasn't expecting the ending.

The game was quite simple but it was fun game and the later and adding different levels help keep it interesting.

Really nice idea for a game and I enjoyed part of the game. My main issues were that sometimes the gravity switches wouldn't react to pressing E. The main character also didn't seem to fit with the rest of the art in the game. Either way I liked the game and the mystery!

Nice idea for the game. Like the idea of trading teammates for power. At first I was confused though since the friends were leaving although I don't think I did anything.

Nice puzzle game. Really got me thinking. One improvement is giving every more movement, at the moment everything feels static. An amazing puzzle game, I liked the unique character abilities.

Any games with dogs are always better!

Cool game! A very unique idea I haven't seen before. One thing that would help though is more clear differences between Nancy and the other.

Like the idea of switching between cubes with different abilities!

Puns make all games better. Sure, I'll check your game out tomorrow!

Thanks for the advice and for enjoying the game! Game could have benefitted from shorter levels.

Thanks for enjoying the game!

Thanks. Bad puns are amazing.

Visuals were amazing although it was challenging to move around and do platforming with mouse sensitivity. Still was a cool looking game.

Cool concept, although more knights would be cool. Also sometimes a new knight is added that pins you against the foot.

Thanks! The game can kinda be cheesed but I didn't want to make it too challenging.

Nice game, although I wish I could use A and D to turn. Really felt like there were alot of different planets.

Thanks for loving the game! Yeah, it was 2 in the morning and the jam ending in 4 hours, so I tried to quickly find a song and thought a Pirate song was good enough. Would have been better with a chaotic underwater theme.

Thanks for playing my game! A score counter would of been cool, especially during the more chaotic levels!

I procrastinated and now I have finished it at 1:51 in the morning. Turned out great though.

All of my games have been made in scratch. It is great for getting something created quickly but can be limiting.


I believe I showcase directions in PickleMan Quest Chapter 1

Oh, my apologies. Press X to enter levels/ use main weapon. Press Z to use side weapon. Press S/D to change to change X/Z weapons if you bought items in the store after Level 2. Press C to advance dialog. Use arrow keys to move. Press Down to enter doors and Up to jump.

Nice game! It feels cool that it is like actual computer desktop.


Nice, it has a lot of polish with those glowing effects. One thing I would change is having the ability to swap between offense and defense mode with key commands so you can more easily swap. Otherwise, solid first game!