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Woah, I never imagined my game being on TV thanks for telling me!

Great game. Love the graphics and the story. I love the turtles' faces

Hello people! 

So for my DDES class, we were assigned to create a mini-personal project. I chose to make a game! The game was  created in the time period of 3 months (from start), but it took like 2 days if I did this consecutively. (I have many other tasks and sometimes i was just not motivated). Here are the results. 

Link to Game -

The Game!

The game is about an alien whose name is Manchi and his experience on earth. It was not a nice one, as many monsters carrying diseases came for him.   Although it may not sound like it, the game is about diseases. The game is a quiz-type game with a special touch in animations and visual effects (beginner ones). Here is when things become interesting. You have 3 lives and 3 temporary lives. For every question you get wrong, you lose temporary lives. Once you lose all 3 temporary lives, you lose one life, and once they all run out, you lose!

So far the game has entered its beta testing stage, and everyone is welcome to play it and give feedback. 

Thank you in advance!

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Chroma Pong

Its the MOST EPIC action packed pong game where you can become a chameleon and Color Change to hit the ball!

You can play your regular match of pong, or you can spice things up by color changing and tricking your opponents! Play with your friends on a one on one death match, or play the endless single player mode and try to beat your previous high score. This SIMPLE yet CHALLENGING game will entertain you even in the longest train rides!

Your goal is to score as many points as you can while changing  colors to match the ball's color. Make sure you hit the ball or match its colors,  otherwise your opponent gains a score! Survive for as long as you an in the endless mode, where your goal is to hit the ball and change colors... at the same time!

The game was made in 5 days, and new features and updates are released every week or two. Take a look at the game!

Multiplayer Match
A multiplayer match showcasing the color changing features of the game. You can play with up to two (2) players in this mode.
Endless Single Player
A match in the single player mode, where you can play as long as you can. 

Link to the Game:

*The game was released about 3 weeks ago, but this is its first major release and this its only release announcement :)

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This is Chroma Pong's THIRD official update. This update includes  music and a whole new settings menu, as well as some general fixes for single player. The main feature of this update is the music, special thanks to josuaempyre for "Arcade Music Loop"!

Music and Sounds

  • Music now plays in all of the menus (no music during matches) 
  • Better sound effects when the ball hits the player or the wall

Single player

  • Slowed down ball speed. 
  • The ball now does not launch towards the player 9000 km/h 
  • Increased player speed for better mobility


  • Added a settings/more menu with a few options
  • Organized and spaced text makes it easier to read

Link to the game:

Please take your time to check the game. Help is really appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Thanks! :)

Hi people, im Reza and I enjoy playing and creating games.  I just started developing my first game - Timmy's stick adventures . It is an RPG puzzle game that i make in my free time.  I have been using this site for quite a while now and I am amazed on what regular people like you and I can be capable of. Seriously, there are billions of amazing games I've seen in this site. I also enjoy making projects and stop working on them to make better ones, although I return to them after a while. 

Hi, I'm currently making an RPG game but  I am stuggling and confused on how to make it stand out from the others. I obviously know that the story plays a emajor role in this, but I am wondering unique fetures of an RPG that you would play instead of the others.  Thanks in advanc


Link to game:

Windows users can now play the game without using the player.  Just launch the "RPG_rt" executable and start the game withour the player.

New and improved maps

-Better built maps and houses

New  dialog

-Characters act in a more human way

-longer and better  conversations (still mediocre tho)

Improved gameplay

-A new and updated RPG maker was used (i forgot to update it for a long time XD)

New graphics:

-Character graphics (for main character)

-Chipset graphics (for some only)

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Hello my name is BobisFat and this is my first game. It was inspired by sticks.  Yes Sticks. Anyways, I hope you test this game out for me and help me make it better! 

About the game

Timmy's Stick Adventures is an RPG Puzzle Adventure game created using RPG Maker 2003.  I am looking for testers who are willing to find glitches, bugs,  and  game-breaking shortcuts. They will be credited in the game's credits (although the game can't play movies at the mommen.).  Players will be tested through hard and rage-quitting puzzles. 

Link to the game:

Contact me: