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Thank you. 😊

Please feel free to reply here with any questions or problems.

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I tested this issue on three different PCs: using Alt+Enter to toggle fullscreen and it didn't crash on any of the computers. When you use Alt+Enter to toggle fullscreen the program does read it as a button press so it will try to interact with whatever you were doing at the time.

To solve this issue I would back up your save files and redownload the zip file. After reinstalling the game: copy in your saves and you should be able to continue enjoying the game. If the issue still isn't resolved you can e-mail me a copy of your save and I can see if it's an issue with the save file itself. My e-mail is

Thank you! o/

I'm sorry for rescheduling, but I will need to take a look at this tomorrow. I'll be back.

Okay, will test this out Monday to see if we can replicate the issue on our end.

Could you give us some more information about how or where this crash occurs so we can help or patch the issue?

Alt + Enter, but it keeps the same resolution.

Appreciate the playthrough. Just finished watching; left a comment on Youtube and added it to a playlist.

Draught community · Created a new topic Welcome!

Project ported over from RMN. Feel free to contact me here with any issues and I'll do my best to respond.

Thanks much for the votes! We were really surprised we got in the top twenty, let alone third! Really, really appreciate it.

We're moving on to new projects! Feel free to view updates on Patreon: I post updates there several times a month as things are completed. o/

Thank you so much for the kind words and the input. It really helps us out a lot.

After entries for this contest are  unlocked we do plan on going in and adding item interactions since it's the first thing people try after seeing the interaction notice (whoops, our bad). We'll also be taking a look at what we can do about button configuration and possible controller support, but that one might be a little trickier. We'll try though.

Thanks much for the input, really. We're all glad that it was enjoyable.

Haha, okay.

Wow, thank you so much for the positive vibes! The writer was embarrassed. lol We'll be working on more games in the near future. Hope they're as enjoyable. o/

@Moface Really enjoyed watching your playthrough. Replied over on Youtube. If you decide to continue would love to see more videos. It's great hearing feedback and looking at things we can possibly improve. 💕

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll run it by the programmer. Maybe we can go back in after the contest and touch it up.

Oh hell yes. Did you see they're adding a second season in 2018?

Ah, I don't read the novels though, I've only see the show.

First project. Feel free to contact me here with any issues and I'll do my best to respond.