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Why yes I have considered literally that, yes! (Though the Latin name for Sunspiders translates roughly as "one who flees from the sun," so it still fits. :3)

Man, I know it was a simple concept for a thing to do in a Bitsy, but I admit I was kinda proud of the idea. Happy to hear you liked it too!

Thank you so much! I've always had a soft spot for bats, thought echolocation was rad, and night usually makes me thoughtful, so that kinda swirled around in my head to make this.

Also yeah, the environments are all tile-based! The trees are made with a handful of rectangles, and the other features are as minimal and reusable as I could make 'em. When echolocating, it sneakily brings you to a duplicate of the map, with filled-in versions of the tiles, and makes the moths a visible color. Some hacks were involved in exiting between maps, but it's mostly vanilla Bitsy!

My goodness, this was adorable! Moving through each environment, and meeting these characters. My only regret is that I didn't talk to the Sun. She probably wouldn't have given me the run-around like that dang old moon...

Adorable, and accurate.

This was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

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What a fun idea for how to write a game. It's a bit like the Headlight writing method, just with prompts and dice!

I too found the fate of Sir Frogsalot most tragic and was definitely very emotionally invested. Loved the bit with the crack in the menu, and the general self-aware tone of this. Was a lot of fun!

Always had a fondness for simple nature sims like this, and this one is lovely. Love the sounds, and impressed by the custom hacks! Thanks for sharing this.

This was surprisingly sweet!

I've often had a similar sentiment, about how making art is like leaving a fragment or echo of yourself, your thoughts, and your feelings behind. And that echo of you, as you existed in that moment, connects with people across time and space, through that art.

((Okay I lied and replayed it enough to get 21/21, but it was just to see the events! this doesn't mean I've compromised my artistic integrity!))

This is so gosh dang delightful! Story is quirky and fun, it's got some nice light puzzley choices, and the music and art's truly lovely. Thanks so much for cooking this up; I really enjoyed it!

(Got a 16/21, and I wouldn't take back any of my mistakes. It's not my fault genius culinary puns go unappreciated in this town! >:U)

Short, sweet, and a cute story in an interesting setting. Thanks for sharing this!

Aww dang, this was super cute! Loved that fade effect, and the whole framing device in general. You successfully dredged up a bit of nostalgia for the Shareware Games of yore. Good stuff!