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Is this not on the pico-8 BBS? I'd kind of like to put it with the rest of your games my pico-8 library.

(I'd also kind of like to be able to make edits - Have you considered giving the saws little motion trails so it's easier to tell which way they're going while they're moving slow? Sometimes I think a saw isn't going to get too close and then it slices me in half.)

I hate it, which seems to be the point considering it's a microcosmic Witness.

Thanks! I just noticed someone had a very similar problem on Eat Girl, so it's not just you. Thanks for the game, it's really cool! Could see myself getting into this...

I think this might become a new morning ritual for me.

I was trying to switch from WASD to ESDF because I'm a weirdo that likes the closer-to-home-row setup, and I somehow managed to bind keys in such a way that I can no longer progress though menus to undo this. I think it was either binding confirm and cancel to the only confirm key, or unbinding confirm, not sure which.

Deleting my config file fixed this, but you should probably make it so that confirm and menu-down must have at least one key bound to it that is bound to no other button, so you can reset the controls without deleting the config file.

Holds up to my memories of it from long ago. Still have yet to be disappointed by a Droqen game... Can't decide if I like Probability 0 or Starseed Pilgrim more, I've been playing them since long before The Bundle[TM] and I always find myself coming back to them. I aspire to make games as memorable as these.

Nothing in the game requires being quick. Combat is turn-based and nothing chases you in the overworld. There is one point that could be considered a jumpscare, but it's mildly startling at best.

I'm a total wimp and I loved this game. It creeped me out without scaring me, if that makes sense? It's an RPG first and a horror game second.

Is there a way to customize item states? I don't need "submitted" or "approved" because i'm the only person involved in this project, but I'd like "writing" and "testing."

I wasn't confused, I was pointing out that it might cause other people confusion.

Er... There's already a game called Rain World.

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Ah, I didn't notice that. Thank you!

What's with the zero that pops up on the TV at the end? Does that mean anything? It seems like it ought to be of some significance but I don't have a clue what that would be.

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i love the thing the description does (although I can't put it to words properly - "avoids breaking kayfabe" is the best I can come up with), but I genuinely have no idea what kind of game it is outside "the kind where the description is Like That."

What do you... do in this game? Aside from control a "meat husk," I have nothing but speculation.  I'd assume it's some sort of RPG (of the "point-and-click style puzzles" or "press interact on everything to receive jokes and/or narrative" kind) but I couldn't tell you for sure because the description is unclear.

Now don't get me wrong, I love this weird sort of description, I just don't think it should sacrifice its purpose in service of weirdness like this.

Post your save data here for others to play!

hero of the fjords

I am aware that pressing ESC while in fullscreen pulls you out of fullscreen.

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Have you tried asking the humble store's support? They'd probably fix that for you.