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Because i played it on steam. There is no yuri, no romance at all. Uncensored patch - hetero and unrelated to story.

This is NOT YURI. Stop misleading.



Is this abandoned?

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Oh, and one more thing, not critical but still - you have some leftover psd's in sprite folders of Momoka and Saya.

And some very strange album arts in bgm :-D

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There is some overlapping when Momoka is blinking. Might need a little PS touch :-)

Casual_huh with casual_neutral_blink layer.

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Oh, and there is one (from what i've noticed) untranslated line.

And again game is really good, i hope it won't be the last from you.

BTW if you are intrested in russian localisation, i can gladly help.

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First - for the game with multiple walkthroughs and sooo maany ssllloooowwww trraaaansiiitiiiooonnsss you MUST have skip option. For text AND effects.

Second - there is a problem with text, sometimes it won't appears. For example i'm still dont know whats written on classmates desk and world map. And there is some logic glitch with empty trashcan.

Third - game is really nice and atmospheric, but a bit short.

Super good stuff! I hope to see full release soon.

Thanx for letting us know.

I am fully undestand you, as former dev myself. There is times and situations, where its best to call it quits.

But i'm also know very well that when game is near and dear - such decisions doesnt come out of nowhere. There must be some issue - problematic time, situation or person.  Of course its not our or mine business to pry, i'm only wish you to deal with all af your issues and get back to creation, cause you really have the potential to do some meaningful stuff. And it'd be very sad to waste it.

And thanx for future art posts. But what about plot concepts? I'm sure not only me will be intrested in those.

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Here what it looks like for me:

If i try to "open image in a new tab" it gets  ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

UPD - Games also not downloading

Wow-wow. Sorry sorry. Didn't mean to be rude or offend someone. Nevermind what i said.

Game's great.

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Im currently on 3rd chapter only, but i have to ask.

You guys were planning this as an otome-vn, right? I won't be surprised if it was written as such, and there was monk-boy and snake-boy initially, but they were genderswapped near the release.

Because it is barely alike to any yuri/lesbian vn, it is totally your usual otome. But with girls, for some unknown and surreal reason.

Well yeah it looked pretty much same to me. But thats ok.

And btw with this overly-complicated nonlinear system i really suggest you made a simpliest walkthrough to answer further cries and complaints - just plain list of choices for each ending.

So you said you were  workin on it, and turns out, you were ACTUALLY REALLY workin on it! That is so rare!

Gongrats with release!

Is there any changes in first demo-days, or they can be skipped?

Side images of anyone besides Max or Celeste doesnt showing. How to fix?

Well, no updates for more than a year and "taking a break" doesnt give much hope.  Most likely this story will be abandoned if not already. Sad reality.

Really sad, i liked it a lot, nicely written and drawn. Came here after a long while after reading demo, wanted to buy full, but instead saw all this.






┬┴┬┴┤( ͡° ͜ʖ├┬┴┬┴

You're welcome, im glad you like it.

Of course you can take it wherever you want.😎

Well, here, if you still need it

Its also some photoshop-scribbles, but maaaybe you'll find it a liiiitle more seamless😁

Dont know about the others, but for uneducated non-native me it definitely paid off.

And btw if you dont mind clarify some thing that haunts me in the nights - whats the story with "outside.png", "outside2" and warp-connected houses? :-D

Deeep huuge bow to you, Ebi-hime-sama, for this beautifull piece.

I had enormous pleasure reading it. 

Besides english isnt my native language, and recently for some particular reasons i had a large share of reading gruesome engRish texts, and after this your RitD was like a breath af fresh mountain air after a ride at the bottom of an overstuffed dump-truck (i bet, you didnt expect mentioning dumptrucks in a praising comment hehe:-D).

Seriously, thank you for your (as always) astonishing, atmospheric and soul-filled work.

Oh, and give my best regards to Mr Darksin for his amazing artwork (really, what a cuties :3)

Wooooow. Gonna buy it right on release.

Oh and also - i've read  demo and bought full version. Can i safely skip to moment where demo had ended, or there is some new content?

Hi! Is it completed or still WIP?  Somewhere it listed as released, but here - "in development"


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fb? Telegram?

Nice novel. I could gladly help with russian lines/names, but it seems like its abandoned, which is sad. 

I believe its this one.