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Side images of anyone besides Max or Celeste doesnt showing. How to fix?

Well, no updates for more than a year and "taking a break" doesnt give much hope.  Most likely this story will be abandoned if not already. Sad reality.

Really sad, i liked it a lot, nicely written and drawn. Came here after a long while after reading demo, wanted to buy full, but instead saw all this.






┬┴┬┴┤( ͡° ͜ʖ├┬┴┬┴

You're welcome, im glad you like it.

Of course you can take it wherever you want.😎

Well, here, if you still need it

Its also some photoshop-scribbles, but maaaybe you'll find it a liiiitle more seamless😁

Dont know about the others, but for uneducated non-native me it definitely paid off.

And btw if you dont mind clarify some thing that haunts me in the nights - whats the story with "outside.png", "outside2" and warp-connected houses? :-D

Deeep huuge bow to you, Ebi-hime-sama, for this beautifull piece.

I had enormous pleasure reading it. 

Besides english isnt my native language, and recently for some particular reasons i had a large share of reading gruesome engRish texts, and after this your RitD was like a breath af fresh mountain air after a ride at the bottom of an overstuffed dump-truck (i bet, you didnt expect mentioning dumptrucks in a praising comment hehe:-D).

Seriously, thank you for your (as always) astonishing, atmospheric and soul-filled work.

Oh, and give my best regards to Mr Darksin for his amazing artwork (really, what a cuties :3)

Wooooow. Gonna buy it right on release.

Oh and also - i've read  demo and bought full version. Can i safely skip to moment where demo had ended, or there is some new content?

Hi! Is it completed or still WIP?  Somewhere it listed as released, but here - "in development"


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fb? Telegram?

Nice novel. I could gladly help with russian lines/names, but it seems like its abandoned, which is sad. 

I believe its this one.