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Welcome in "Complot Gui" this game was made by 4 students during a 30hours game jam.

Our mindset was to create an absurd game. So it was really fun to do it.

So you play as Gui. Gui is a normal guy. If you want Gui to become a serial killer, just looked at the logo.

I'm still laughing, wonderful game and an incredible idea

I found this games a few hours ago and i fall in love with it. The graphics are just wow ! I don't know how they did it but this is beautiful ! You have to take a look ! 

Futhermore there is a cute story that make the game even more great ! Anyway, the graphics are beautiful, the story is beautiful... this is a beautiful game that deserve more. 

Thank you very much for this kind words, it is very 

motivating !

Thank you very much, its a pleasure if you enjoying our game. The windows version arrive in few minutes :)

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Caligo's Expansion is a school project created by 5 students, the game is not finished yet, there are few bugs that we'll fix later.

The story take place in 2052, the world in dying so a group of scientist decide to create a "blob" that can give life back at anything he will touch, but the final result is the contrary, they create a "blob" that kills anything he touch. 

In this game you incarnate a new mushroom species called Physaridae Caligo. Your goal is to reach levels for get out of the laboratory and eat everything.

Feel free to give us feedbacks :)

Just a little WIP

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Sorry for being late 

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We're back here

We're going to sleep

Our first WIP 

Level design : 

Test of an ennemie

Test of our main chara

Concept of our main chara

here is our WIP during this jam, good luck to to all

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The 3rd one is the lastest version without bug, we hope you'll enjoy it :)

The 3rd one is the lastest version without bug, we hope you'll enjoy hit :)

Its our game at the moment, i hope you'll appreciate it^^


We're going to sleep, we'll back at 8:30AM

Concept for our menu

Sorry for the delay !