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Thank you!

I have already made a playable version of the game. However, the game cannot be updated during the rate period. 

I'll do some more bug fixing and update the game after the rate period. Sorry 🙇‍♂️

Thank you.
I'm posting my work here on Twitter.

We've updated Linka.
It's not the Android version, but it now has touchscreen support.

You can also play on, but you can find PWA support here.
When you add it on your homescreen, it should work like an app.
I'm not sure how it works on Android, so I'd appreciate it if you could play it and give me your feedback.


I like the atmosphere of this game and the music of shopkeeper part. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Miner and the Woodsman parts going to be like.

I had the same issue.

Please turn on "Decompression Fallback" at the bottom of Ernesto Torres' image.
Then it worked even if I had to compress the game.


I love the Game Boy's fallen puzzle games.
Dr. MARIO especially!

At first we were trying to make a roguelike puzzle game, but that didn't work out.
But then we got the idea for a "directional block".
We took that idea and  paper prototyped it, and this game was born.


Very fun puzzle!
My brain melted.

I like the atmosphere and music of this game.It's a shame that can't listen the music enough, because the game is so short.

(1 edit)

It's hard to control at first, but once I get better to it, it's really fun to run around and bounce around.
But... Very hard!

Unique shmup. The one-on-one style reminded me of gameboy's, Volley Fire.
I enjoyed it!

I’m currently working on fixing the issues you pointed out.
Thanks for playing!

I had a great time!

The idea of this game was very unexpected and surprising.
The ending is cool!

I love the art style of this game. Then I remembered that I am directionally challenged.

This chicken runs faster than a motorcycle! I like it.

I loved the atmosphere and music of the game!

Cool graphics, music.

It was a bit difficult for me at first. I got used to it after a few minutes of play.

The level design was great.
Like it!

The music, UI and graphics are all very good.

I enjoyed playing it.


It's a very simple and smart game.

I tried many times.


I was able to relax and enjoy the game.

The music was relaxed and nice.


Cool and nice game.


Nice demake.


A very good puzzle game.

I enjoyed playing.


Sword master is strong.


Exploded a lot.

Had fun.


It was a good effect.

FPS is fun.


A very good game.

I played a lot.


The foundation is complete, so I'm looking forward to the continuation.

Good game.


Nostalgic radio control operation.

I can't go to the goal, but this game is ambition.


Click to fire bullets, w to advance.

The game is simple and fun to play.


Click to fire bullets, w to advance.

The game is simple and fun to play.


The graphic is pop and cute,
The game is really fun.


It is made carefully and is very good.


Cheerful music and 3D graphics are good.


I felt nostalgic.

I often played at the game center.


When the score is displayed, I am happy.

Making it with flash is cool.

Black and white graphics are good.


I really enjoyed playing.

It is simple and good design.


English added :)

This game is not SPAM. Please try playing again because it has been translated into English.

Thank you google translate.

I would like that please.