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Thanks for your reply. I am interested of launching games in Chinese market. but most of the games are jam games and do not have any scope. If I ever need any help, I will always reach out to you. Thanks!

Thanks for Playing,

I enjoyed making game in this style. I once thought of animating characters, but that would be lot of work. I will a similar project sometime in future.

Nice implementation of theme. You have to solve the puzzle by viewing game through the eye of props.

I was unable to test the gamepad controls (I don’t have a gamepad). So, yeah, sorry

Thanks for playing!

Game defaults first option, you can navigate between other options and then select it.

Thanks for playing! ✌️

The grammar is fixed. The reason for poor English was, i was not able to see what I was typing.

So now I wrote in notepad and copied the text..

Also the issue with wide screens must be fixed now.

Thanks for playing. 👍

(SPOILER) Yes It was intended to change the story after you finished playing. More spooky lore would reveal. But I am out of time. As this is a submission for a jam, after the jam is over, I will add the remaining part.

Thanks, I am glad that you liked it.

If you want you can fork or just use the code to make a better version of the application.

Thanks for playing. Hope you had a good laugh. ✌️

Thanks 👍 Godot + dialogic

Bro the sounds!!

Now I wonder how the helicoptor would sound like… Love it.

Nice Game. I love the graphics and the sounds was the cherry on the cake. This is a good hyper casual game.

Thank you!

I assume the game is successful. My only moto is to make people laugh with this game…

Thanks for playing!

Oh wow, didn’t thought of that. Thanks for suggestion. I will try to focus more on GAME JUICE.

Thank you. I will put it as a game idea for potential mobile games.

Its hard to think when in pressure. Thanks 👍

Thanks for playing.

The concept is simple, but more the simpler concepts the more polish it needs. This game lacks polish. I hope i can change that in future.


Thanks for feedback! Yes I was planning to add fly trails, wing animations, the swatter swing animation shadows and stuff. If I get a chance to fix this I will happily do it.


Thanks for playing! I had same vision with animations and characters, But you can fit lot less of a game in 80kb space.

Next time if I make a clicker game i will pay more attention towards ui ux designing. Thanks 👍.

Yes this is not a complete game, but still thanks for playing 😀

Yes that was an unfinished business i wanted to take care of but i couldn’t. It was a dialogue system between people and player..

Thanks for playing.

Yes i am actually all for it. I will soon start a game with hand-painted graphics. Thanks.

Thanks for playing. Hope you like the game.

I hope it’s not a April fools prank. And we will get extra time right?

Floppy Disk Jam community · Created a new topic Theme?
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Jam has started, but theme not released yet :(

Ok, got it.

I will probably try to game a Web-Game to be more graphical but if it fails, I will go for text-based game.


For 80kb or less Floppy, What is suggested, a cli (text based) game or needs Legit graphics??

Wow, nice game. Please add Ambient sound, that would be cool

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The Progress of the game till now is good, I like the Aesthetics.

Problems Encountered

Lag - My system is slow but the lag is too much, According to the observation I found out that When more than half chunks load the lag starts. Crash - It often crashes when I remove a block Camera - The Camera goes inverted.


The Game Looks fine, I really liked the aesthetics. Keep it up!!

Sure, i will add loads of new levels, New mechenics,etc.. Thanks for suggesting…