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its ok, you dont have to be sorry, i hade these same problems when i was making games, you will get better for sure :)

i love trhis game, its so cute

i really like youre game, its sad that my pc runs the game slowly ;w;

my idea is that you should add checkpoints (cause the game is too hard for me ; - ;)

cool game cute character but i can't figure it out how to go to the next level,is that normal?

nice game ,i like the style, but theres a few problems that keeps me from not passing the first level( im not mad im just trying to help you ;3 )

1_ the character moves really fast, if there's a way that you can change the acceleration and deceleration, or maybe the speed, it will be easy  to controle her and not going directly to a spike.

2_i don't know if you did this on purpose but i get stuck in between the wall and the platform, and I stick to some parts of the wall and it's hard to make a wall

also this happend ( you don't have to fix this if you want,some times gliches like this makes the game more fun)

i hope this help's bye!

sinto informar mas parece que esse jogo ta bugado, fui tentar pular pra proxima fase e parece que estou sendo impedido por uma parede invesivel,era pra isso acontecer mesmo?

great game!i'm still trying to win the "..." level

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great game good job!

this is hard and i love it, great game

nice game,il make a gameplay of it soon,good job

cool game,i like the style, the soundtrack,its one of those games i can play this at my free time. "Great Job!"