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There isn't an ending to the game, as I didn't have time for it. Glad you found it impressive though!

This tool seems very cool, however it doesn't look like there is currently an option to export the particle view, only the pixel view. I think having a particle export setting could help open this program up to not just be limited to pixel art applications. I've released the first version of my semi-joke platformer/shooter JEFF. Despite the name, I am really proud of what I have so far and will keep on updating the game. It'd make me really happy if you'd give it a shot and give feedback! I'm totally open to criticism

Heya everyone! I've just released my Ludum Dare 38 project on here. It's a mix between a rhythm game and just a standard dodging game. I've put a good amount of effort into it but don't know where I want to take it, however I feel like this current version is already complete. Here's the link to give it a try