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I think this is a really neat concept! I never finished one b/c the mouse movements felt a bit unforgiving, but I think the timer is what bugged me the most.

I'd love to see you explore this further though.

Damn it, Atte. Why are you so talented?

Really loved the visual aesthetic!

Gave you a shout out on Twitter but going to complement you again.

The art is fantastic, I love how combat doesn't cut to a different screen, all the SFX are great, and the game is short enough that the joke of it doesn't overstay it's welcome. Would love to see you do a full game with some of the ideas you got here.

The puns!

Charming, funny and loved the art. Great job.

Really impressed. The joke wears a bit thin, but the initial goof of it is quite good. Kept playing to see how many mechanics were done and was, well, impressed. (I'm repeating it because it's true.)