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Amazing tool! Thank you :)

Any plans to submit it to the Unity Asset Store?

Thank you very much! I will probably go with the 2nd or 3rd option :)

Wow, thank you again for that :)

Do you know if there is any documentation on how to integrate the plugins? Also, does everything apply for iOS as well?

Thank you very much for your detailed answer. I am not really comfortable with Superpowers coding, I am still researching on game engines. But this is really useful as I know this engine has all the features that I might need.

Do you know if these plugins are useful: or do you recommend going with cordova plugins?

Also, do you use XDK or something else for wrapping?


Hello guys,

I was a backer for Superpowers when it was first announced and always liked the idea of using Superpowers for my projects.

The only thing that kept me from using it commercially was the mobile support.

As the title suggests, I am worried about 2 things:

- Mobile performance. Does anyone know how 2d or 3d games perform on iOS and Android?

- Ads and IAP. I recently found this. They are plugins for many ad services and iap's for html5. Do you think they could work with Superpowers?

Thank you :)