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Hello! Just saw that the game is in full developement and thats amazing!!

That is a clear choice for the developer because it makes you want to go faster. It makes the game feel amazing when you are speedrunning it and the game is designed for that with (almost) every obstacle overcomable if you do the right buttonpresses at the right time. Basicly if you do everything perfectly you will never have to stop.

I think you should draw more attention to the fox in the ending so it is a bit more clear that he is there. I noticed only after seing a comment about it and looking for it. 

You could do it by maybe have the world get a lot darker after the code is inputed and the fox is being a lightsource. Then you will see the fox looking up(the looking up could be repeated or more exagerated) and you will look up. That would also make the change in the amount of sunlight when the sun comes down much more visible.

a bit

In the way he also prepares you for it and gives you a final test befor the ending?

That ending was really nice and the difficulty curve was perfect.

I just think that the rendering looks a bit noisy

In the menu if you click anywhere on the screen instead of choosing a button with the keyboard the gui stops working. 

Is there any way to save? if it isn't it would be nice with one so people don't have to play through it all at once.

So I just started playing the demo and the first thing I see is that the names when the boy and masks speaks gets mixed up with who is saying what at a point after you kill the plant with four leaves that shoots four fireballs in pattern


The second I feel like im out of inspiration and i went to the feed and THIS comes up, that damn timing. I've followed the game since one of the first demos and i will give so much feedback as i ever can

This game will not be expanded on, but it will maybe remade and made bigger and better some time

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down at 47



Made it down to 36.32!!!!!

Actually, i think you could make this a whole game with more levels and more refinement overall!

And if you ever want any help, just tell me. I can code, art, some sound and music but most of all design.

No, the crash handler(i think) started and then it crashed too, which got followed by widows "the program has stopped working, looking for a solution kinda thing"

The music is amazing, and the art is so to.

But the camera is to much zoomed in so it makes it hard to see what is going on. That makes for some cheap deaths wich is really dicouraging for the player. A way to do that(it would lower the difficulty as well) is to zoom the camera out a bit.

And the hitboxes are a bit off too.

I really like the way the planet rotates and the way you always go around the planet.

And i actually kinda like that you have to aim with the keys, althow you maybe should make them remappable on game.

The online system i really nice too, but it would be apriciated with a singleplayer mode too

It would be nice to see the planets area of effect so you could better plan you hits.

Maybe a dedicated respawn button with instant respawn.

But the music is really nice(both tracks) and it's lovely pixelart

I reinstalled it several times but i didn't get it to work

It's really nice, i like the tunes too. 

But i think you should make the game downloadable, because i hate to start up chrome just to play a game instead of dowloading it. 

I think you maybe should see how it would work with a minimap and add som nice particles. 

Then some more upgrades would be nice, or even an upgrade tree if poible to implement.

I have no idea what to do, i can klick out the portals but how do i actually get rid of the meteorites, don't answer the comment, make it shine trough the game.

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Truly original.

Althow the controls are i bit sloppy.

The buttons in the last level didn't have any feedback when you touched them, so it was pretty hard to figure out that you had to step on the to open the door to the spacecraft.

The second jump would need som kind of effect so you know it exists.

Then you could add some sort of ending dialog that maybe says that you have been accepted.

And then some nice sound effects and make the hitboxes for the spiky flowers smaller so the fit more with the shape of the flower, because when you die out of not even touching the flower, you get pretty frustrated.

But the character is really responsive which is nice and you never feel like you don't have the the control and then the game is also really nice for speedrunning, because of the timer.

Lovely low poly inviorment, the planets are all nice. 

But it would really need some shadows, because that makes it much easier to tell how high up you are over the ground and to see how the inviorment is.

Then the way the gravity works is way to snappy, it would really need some easing. 

But the crafting system is great and the amount of planets is just right and the different types of planets have their own very specific look to them.

The gui is looking pretty good too.

Some feedback:

The colliders of the planets are a bit too big and they cause a lot of cheap deaths.

On the first 40 second level one of the sattelites is bugged and the model and the particle is at different places.

Then it would be nice to have some particles when you move the rocket and when you pick up the satellites and one for the death(maybe some screenshake to).

And the music has a lot of potential, but as it is now it feels a bit off(mostly the electric guitar).

The rocket and sattelites would really need some sounds.


Then some positive stuff:

I love how the planets shine and how they slowly rotate, it would be really nice if they could be a source of light so they would shine onto other objects.

Then the timer is great because it makes you fly more carelessly and it makes the game more fun overall.

The controles feel amazing and it is impossible not to try the dangerous moves when you feel like you are flying around like a maniac.

So in general i think the game is really good