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This game is amazing in everything: art, soundtrack, story, characters, ideas... I absolutely love it. But the cat was, by far, my favorite thing,

Incredible how a simple game about buying a comic book as a gift for father told so much about a character and I could relate to them a lot in some topics... Also, it was funny how I spent a lot of time thinking about what to choose, just like I am in real life when I have to make a choice (especially for gifts).

At the end, I think I put a little of myself in the choice. I chose "My Cute Neighbour". I thought that something  that he would be more familiar with, simple and easy to understand would be great for a start and could make him feel warm inside reminding of simpler times. Also, I love cats a lot.

This game is amazing! The visuals are stunning, the gameplay is fluid and fun and the pacing is really relaxing, even with the timer. I had a really good time.

I just wanted to report a bug, tho. My fox friends got stuck in this corner while attacking. The bison wasn't even managing to hit them. It happened another times at the end of the stairs, but I was able to free them switching the leader.

Anyway, I hope this game gets bigger in the future because it has a lot of potential. :)

Oh, yes, I do! I played all of them. "Where is 2009?" is one of my favorites btw, it's really funny.

I wait for these games every year since 2012, when I was a kid. I love how every year is a different gameplay, but there's still fun and, somehow, cute.

From a big fan of your work. ♡

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Just about doing your taxes. Nothing more than that.

Did you already pay your taxes today? 

One of the reasons that I created this account was for leave a comment here. This game really speaks to me. First, the title. It really caught my attention because once I was in therapy and my therapist mentioned this so called "discomfort zone". This game explains exactly what it is to me. Second, this game got exactly how I feel about myself. The ending left me in tears. I'm so glad you made the game and shared your feelings and your point of view about anxiety and depression. It can be really tough, dealing with so many negative thoughts, but things DO get better at some point. Always.

Lotsa love.