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What a roller-coaster of emotion you've put me through.

Thank you for the feedback, I agree that this game is pretty simple and without the tutorial can be a bit strange to grasp. I'm glad you enjoyed it, thank you :^)

good "xd random" humor buddy

great graphics, wonderfully simple yet deep mechanics, and enjoyable puzzle design. Excellent work :^)

The licence is listed at the bottom of the product's description:

LICENCE -- Do whatever you'd like with these. You may use use them for both non-commercial and commercial use as long as you give credit to the original owner of the logo (i.e. to use the twitter logo, make sure you link back to twitter), make sure to not use any of these logos for anything other than to link to their rightful owner. This does not include, however, the joystick logo. You may use the joystick logo for anything you'd like. No credit back to me is required (although it is greatly appreciated).

awesome! :^)

Can't wait, this looks so cool!

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Thank you for letting me know!

Could you please tell me your OS & what browser your using?

Also, go try loading the game, and open up your "Developer Tools" in the browser [ `f-12` for Chrome, `ctrl+shift+i` for Firefox ], then switch to the "console" tab. Can you copy & paste the output that appears?

This will better help me debug the issue, thank you.

Great game, cozy atmosphere, fun little story, and superb sprites. Nice work!

Really nice sprite-work, especially considering the limitations. Awesome job, I loved this little game!

Thanks for the open transparency on this! Looking forward to version 2, I love asset forge, keep up the great work and good luck! :)

Congrats on finishing something Capnbozzy! Good luck on the continued development!

I don't think Superpowers provides an easy way to do this through the ui. What you can do, however, is:

Go to where Superpowers is install [ it depends on your operating system I think, look here: ]

You will see 2 folders. One called 'app', and another called 'core'. Go into 'core'. Then, go into the folder called 'projects'.

Select the project folder that you want to remove, and delete it.

Hope this helps!


No problem, I hope the fonts workout for ya! :)

Yup! There's 2 versions of each, a monospaced and non-monospaced version.

However, on the "spooky font" (the one inspired by Ghosts & Goblins), there's practically no difference between the 2 versions, due to how wide each individually character is.

Awesome additions, thanks for all the work :)

Hmm, I don't know about that one...

Have you tried uploading it here on itch? I've never used the Azure service before so I'm not sure if it's just an issue on their end or not.

While I'm not quite sure why the screen is going dark, I can offer a different way to go about this.

In your EnemyBehavior, change the collision check to:

if(Sup.ArcadePhysics2D.collides(, Sup.getActor("Player").arcadeBody2D)

You can then remove

public playerCol =;

from your PlayerBehavior.

In the future, you can usually just call whatever component you need [ arcadeBody, camera, spriteRenderer, etc. ] directly with:

Sup.getActor('Name Of Actor').NameOfComponent

Hope this helps!

To do this, you need to grab the player actor inside EnemyBehavior:

Sup.getActor('Player Actor')

then grab the PlayerBehavior attached to that actor:

Sup.getActor('Player Actor').getBehavior(PlayerBehavior)

then call the LowerHealth method:

Sup.getActor('Player Actor').getBehavior(PlayerBehavior).LowerHealth();

[ note: I just broke down each part of the code, normally you would just type the one line:

Sup.getActor('Player Actor').getBehavior(PlayerBehavior).LowerHealth();

in order to get the desired method ]

make sure you set it as the 'startup' scene in the settings tab. you can click & drag it from the asset list into the input panel to do it.

Alright, so here's the issue:

 if (Sup.Input.isKeyDown("DOWN"))  {"Crouch",true);  

Your animation isn't actually looping, it's just constantly being restarted and applied to the character.

The function:


runs every update loop (60 times a second). So, if you're holding down the key, this if statement will return true and run the code inside every frame. Hence, your sprite is constantly setting it's animation to "Crouch" and is looking like it's looping the animation.

To fix this, you can set a variable at the beginning of the behavior and check against it, like this:

class PlayerBehavior extends Sup.Behavior {
 crouching = false;
 update() {
  if( Sup.Input.isKeyDown("DOWN") ) {
   if( !this.crouching ) {"Crouch", false);
    this.crouching = true;
  } else if( this.crouching ) {"Idle", false);
    this.crouching = false;

This way, the code will only set the animation once, and prevent 'looping' the animation every frame you're holding the button down for.

Another way to fix this, is to use:


which will only run once when the key is first pressed down.

If you need any more info, let me know!

Alright, so I just set-up a quick project and so far everything is working as expected.

Where are you placing the line:"Crouch",false);

If it's in an update-loop (or any loop that is getting repeatedly called for that matter), it's probably just looping over that line and constantly playing the crouch animation.

Could you paste your code for me to see?

If you upload your project file (or at least just your spritesheet), I can help you with this.

awesome, these will definitely be useful, thanks!

Nice, I like the variety. Good work :)

These are really awesome and go great with the included castles pieces! Love how you made the floor fit under the grid as well, great work! :)

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The treads and the truck bedding is really cool, thanks for the models!

[ and thanks @Any_Key for your work as well! ]

Nice, these are a welcome addition and can be used in some really neat pieces.

Good work, and thanks :)

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Hey everyone!

I've been loving this tool so far, and decided to upload one of the first models I made.

It's pretty simple, just a car. Feel free to use wherever you'd like, let me know if you found it useful or whatever :)

[ I've tried numerous times trying to get the sketchfab embedding to work, but it doesn't want to for whatever reason. Anyways, here's the link to an interactive view of the model ]


Hey there!

Thought you should know that the links to the 'archived episodes' and the 'devlog' aren't implemented. They just lead to a blank page.

This game looks really cool, great job to the developer on crafting such a unique looking experience. Good luck with the rest of the development :)

This is really neat, like the gameplay and I love the authentic old school vibe of everything. Good luck with the rest of development :)

Thanks for playing! :)

Hey @Delca, thanks for playing!

Also, then you for the suggestion about mixing symbols. I'd like to add a 'colorblind-friendly' mode soon, and I think this is a good way to go about it.

Much appreciated! 🙂

Solid graphics, nice music and sound effects (the multiple jump sounds were a nice touch), loved the super-smash-bros style of death where the player will fly off the screen. Overall, pretty enjoyable game.

One thing I would say is slightly annoying, is having to tap the bumpers to move left and right, would be a lot of better if you could just hold down and move. Either way though, this is still a super fun game, nice job :)

I wish the display was bigger, pretty hard to see/control when everything is so tiny!

Nice idea though, could use a little more polish, but is fun non the less. Well done :)

Pretty solid endless runner, reminded me a little of boson x, well done.

The fact that you couldn't die made this less of a game, and more of an enjoying challenge to see just how fast you can manage to go, which was pretty fun.

Nice entry :)

This was a fun little game, liked the voice over lol.

The corner of the room near the door is a little buggy. I was jumping around over there, and landed on the ground, but the game didn't restart, until I jumped again. I tried replicating this to give better details to you, but this time I managed to actually jump through the ceiling and fall through the world. Haha, but that's to be expected in game jams, so well done either way.

I really dug the concept :)

With a little more polish, this could be a pretty solid game.

I kept getting glitched under rails, which was a little frustrating, and the controls weren't the most convenient, however I can see how this might be better suited for tablets/touchscreens. Either way, you should continue this, could be a fun little game :)

Really liked the design of the overall thing.

This game is a hectic beast to play with friends, fighting each other that close on the keyboard is a riot. Throwing the skateboard was a nice touch, my friend kept hitting me with his, so I threw mine at him, it went through the screen and came back through the other side and knocked me out! It was like a crazy boomerang of death.

The wall jump was pretty difficult to do, but fighting with each other kept the game fun. Nice graphics as well, great entry! :)

It was kind of difficult to tell what I was supposed to jump over, and what I was supposed to duck under. For these types of games, it's best to hold back on the number of background objects, as it makes it harder to tell what is an obstacle, and what isn't. I also managed to keep pressing w of jump out of the world haha.

See a cat in a buisness suit, being tossed around like a ragdoll is really funny though, so good job on that :)