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Thanks for playing! :)

Hey @Delca, thanks for playing!

Also, then you for the suggestion about mixing symbols. I'd like to add a 'colorblind-friendly' mode soon, and I think this is a good way to go about it.

Much appreciated! πŸ™‚

Solid graphics, nice music and sound effects (the multiple jump sounds were a nice touch), loved the super-smash-bros style of death where the player will fly off the screen. Overall, pretty enjoyable game.

One thing I would say is slightly annoying, is having to tap the bumpers to move left and right, would be a lot of better if you could just hold down and move. Either way though, this is still a super fun game, nice job :)

I wish the display was bigger, pretty hard to see/control when everything is so tiny!

Nice idea though, could use a little more polish, but is fun non the less. Well done :)

Pretty solid endless runner, reminded me a little of boson x, well done.

The fact that you couldn't die made this less of a game, and more of an enjoying challenge to see just how fast you can manage to go, which was pretty fun.

Nice entry :)

This was a fun little game, liked the voice over lol.

The corner of the room near the door is a little buggy. I was jumping around over there, and landed on the ground, but the game didn't restart, until I jumped again. I tried replicating this to give better details to you, but this time I managed to actually jump through the ceiling and fall through the world. Haha, but that's to be expected in game jams, so well done either way.

I really dug the concept :)

With a little more polish, this could be a pretty solid game.

I kept getting glitched under rails, which was a little frustrating, and the controls weren't the most convenient, however I can see how this might be better suited for tablets/touchscreens. Either way, you should continue this, could be a fun little game :)

Really liked the design of the overall thing.

This game is a hectic beast to play with friends, fighting each other that close on the keyboard is a riot. Throwing the skateboard was a nice touch, my friend kept hitting me with his, so I threw mine at him, it went through the screen and came back through the other side and knocked me out! It was like a crazy boomerang of death.

The wall jump was pretty difficult to do, but fighting with each other kept the game fun. Nice graphics as well, great entry! :)

It was kind of difficult to tell what I was supposed to jump over, and what I was supposed to duck under. For these types of games, it's best to hold back on the number of background objects, as it makes it harder to tell what is an obstacle, and what isn't. I also managed to keep pressing w of jump out of the world haha.

See a cat in a buisness suit, being tossed around like a ragdoll is really funny though, so good job on that :)

I liked the minimalist graphics, gave a nice relaxing feel overall. The controls were a little weird, but once I got used to them, it sort of went with the whole game. You managed to capture some pretty nice movement here.

One thing however, is when you swipe behind the arrow, to move faster, the red line that appears should be straight, but instead comes up at an angle to the left or right of the arrow. This felt a little weird, but didn't detract from the game to much. Could have been a bug though, either way, nice entry :)

Really simple game, but great execution. Tough as balls too! Liked the graphics a lot as well, had a really nice 'minimal' yet pleasing aesthetic to them.

Overall, great job!

Very fun casual game. It's kind of relaxing to just sit back and let the game play itself haha, good job :)

I liked the graphics, and the difficulty kept me playing. Pretty simple yet still fun game, nice job :)

Also, I screamed 'snake' after I died, but all that happened was I got weird looks from my family...

Fun game, but after I died, I got glitch to beneath the tiles, and was able to rack up a pretty high score haha.

The gravity change effect was a nice touch! Good entry :)

Replied to Nunuvin in Multiple Dice?

that makes sense, and now that the jam is over, I see others have used multiple dice as well.

thanks for the reply :)

Created a new topic Multiple Dice?

Hey there!

I was wondering, since you said using a dice is ok, is using multiple dice alright?

Also, along the same lines, is it fine to offer a companion app along with the game that takes care of the dice rolls just in case the player doesn't have any dice [ basically, it's like using random.org and just simulating the dice rolls, it's not necessary to the main game and doesn't offer additional gameplay ] ?

no problem, I hope it was helpful :)

good work, it's looking really snazzy now! and the ability to rearrange the windows is super helpful :)

thanks! :^)

yours don't look half-bad, nice work!

I see your also using a indieDB logo, I don't know if you know but, I have another set of icons I made that include an indieDB one: https://stuffbyspencer.itch.io/lowrez-pixel-art-lo...

they are in a different style than these though, so they might not appeal to you.

thank you, I'm glad you could find them useful :)

Hey there Elixnova.

I am a bit confused to what you need the project server file for. If you just want to import an image to use as a sprite, or a 3D object to use as a model, you should just be able to import the files through the engine itself.

I've made a video that covers this in the past, you can have a watch and follow along to see if it helps at all [ start at 2:00 ]:

If the above steps don't work for you, please let me know and I'll try to help you out further. Good luck!

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Hey everyone.

I just published a 2-part tutorial on youtube covering... well, basically everything I just said in the title.

I hope you find it helpful!


I'm pretty sure it's perfectly ok to modify the loading screen since the engine is all open source and the devs are super friendly.

I modified the loading screen by messing around with the html and css files of the exported project. You can also change the loading image by replacing the image file. It's pretty simple to do if you know a bit of web-programming.

I've uploaded my old html and css files, in case you want a look / template to go off of.

Let me know if you need more help, good luck! :)

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a good Saturday.

If not, of even if you are, perhaps this might make things a little goofier.

I just released my first game of 2017 called 'Butthole Cactus', and you can play it... like, right freakin' now! Isn't that neat?

The game is all about fast reactions, immature humor, and avoiding obstacles.

Hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you have any feedback, good or bad, I'd love to hear it :)


Cool, nice job!

Good luck on the rest of the game :)

If you have it set so UP / DOWN = the Y-axis, and the Z-axis controls 'depth', then you could do something like so:

this.actor.setZ( -this.actor.getY() ):

for each actor in your scene. That way, actors that are lower on the screen [ i.e. closer to the camera ] appear in front of actors that are further up on the screen [ i.e. farther away from the camera ].

Let me know if this helps or if I should explain anything more.

haha no problem, I get ahead of my self sometimes as well, and I tend to ask instead of reading lol :)

Hey, that's pretty good that Superpowers was listed so high up in the search!

Welcome aboard and good luck! :)

Hey all!

So, here's the deal: I'm working in 3D and I want to make an actor move based on where it's facing. So hitting the 'W' key should move the character towards where they are 'looking' at [ using physics, btw, got a cannon-body hooked up to the character ].

I've tried a few methods, but the simplest seems to be:

this.actor.cannonBody.body.applyLocalImpulse( new CANNON.Vec3( 0, 0, -1 ), new CANNON.Vec3( 0, 0, 0 ) );

Now, while this does work, I'm very new to 3D programming, confused about physics, and bad at math haha. So I was wondering if this is the best way to go about it, or is there a simpler / possibly less resource-intensive [ not that I notice `applyLocalImpulse()` to be all that bad ] way of going about things?

If you have experience with this kind of stuff, please let me know! And share any and all knowledge you have on the topic as I'm trying to consume all the information I can in an effort to learn. Thanks a ton! :)

I'd recommend posting any bugs / issues on the GitHub pages:

If you don't have a Gtihub account, simply create one [ it's free ], login, and post your issue to the respected repo.

Of course, this is just what I'd recommend doing as it's easier for the developers to track all issues in one centralized place, there's no harm being done if you prefer to post your bugs on these forums.

Posted in Resources
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I'd recommend adding Superpowers to the list.

It's free, very open-source, and rather easy to get started with. Plus, it allows your games to be played in a browser which is handy for the players.

Looking forward to trying out this jam, good luck everyone! :)

Thank you! Glad you enjoy them :)

You could use a simple try / catch statement like so:

try {
this.mySprite.setSprite( "Path/To/Sprite" );
} catch( error ) {
Sup.log( error ); //Something went wrong, most likely the path to the asset doesn't exist

I'm gonna be using SuperpowersHTML5 this time round.

Kinda wanna do a 3D game... We'll see!


Are you sure all your settings are correct?

I'm not an expert on how the scaling works, but I think you're misinterpreting how the 'units' in Superpowers work.

Each 'unit' in a scene is just... 1. They represent 1 square / cube of a 2D / 3D game world. It's a simple graph representation essentially. Setting the 'pixels/unit' on an image / cubic model / whatever, tells Superpowers how many pixels of this image / texture will span across 1 unit in the game's scene.

Again, not an expert on all of this, so that may have been a lousy explanation. Sorry bout that.

However, I did manage to get the 160x144 resolution working in my game, so I'll show you my settings:

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other issues or need a better walk-through of this! :)

outside of a behavior you can write this:

declare var globalVar;
globalVar = "What Ever You Want";

this will enable you to access globalVar in other scripts.

However, you can also get a specific variable from another behavior like so:

let varToGet = Sup.getActor( "SomeActor" ).getBehavior( BehaviorName ).varName;

So, for instance, if you were making a 'Godzilla-Birthing-Simulator' game, and you wanted to check if the Baby Godzilla was born, here's one way you could go about it:

Let's say you have an actor called "Godzilla Mama" and it has a behavior attached to it called "GodzillaMamaBehavior". In this behavior, you have a variable called babyZilla, which is a boolean telling weather or not the Mama Godzilla has given birth yet.

Now, let's pretend you have another actor called "Dr. Godzilla", and in it's behavior script, you wanted to access one of Godzilla Mama's variables. You can write [ in the Dr. Godzilla behavior script ]:

update() {
let isBabyZillaBorn = Sup.getActor( "Godzilla Mama" ).getBeavior( "GodzillaMamaBehavior" ).babyZilla;
if( isBabyZillaBorn ) {
// Do Baby-Zilla Stuff

I hope my dumb example wasn't too confusing, let me know if you need any more help :)

You can't change the size of the sprite [ the image ], but instead you can change the size, or scale, of the actor itself using these methods:


Superpowers comes with built-in handlers for touch-inputs, take a look at these methods under Sup.Input:

 function getTouchPosition(index: number): Math.Vector2;
function isTouchDown(index: number): boolean;
function wasTouchStarted(index: number): boolean;
function wasTouchEnded(index: number): boolean;

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Superpowers doesn't have any GUI-specific components.

You could use standard HTML / CSS, but that can get a little messy doing it all through Javascript [ this DOM plugin might be of use ].

But if you only have a few items you want [ or like you said, for scroll-able text areas ], it could be the better way to go.

However, for the most part, I usually just use images. Still a bit of pain to do some of the more complicated stuff, but it get's the job done... usually. [ this fMouseInput plugin helps make the process a little less painful ]

You could alternatively try out the dat.GUI plugin, haven't used it myself so not sure if it still works.