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You just gotta believe!~ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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Game has been finished and submitted!

[Devlog End]

Sankyu!~ =w=)/

Game fully finished, will upload midnight KST

Game Development Cycle finished, only thing left is music! :D

Sankyu!~ :D

Game Background

Character 2 finished, now to the backgrounds! :D

(Also I need to edit Ryuko to fit this style)

1st Character, Ryuko is finished

Dialogue and Manuscript finished, now time to do resources


Story Outline

Watarimono Kei is an ordinary student of Gakkou High. It was just an ordinary day for Kei, as he wakes up in his classroom in the final minutes of his final period. He then proceeds to arrange his things and wait on his best friend and childhood friend Tomodachi Yujin, one of the most popular girls in Gakkou High. They then proceed to go out of the school, going the same way as they are neighbors. They were having a nice conversation on their way home, which turned into a deep conversation where Kei was trying to let out many things from his mind. As he was being sentimental, he did not take notice of the traffic light so he walked onwards without a care. The last thing that he heard was Yujin's scream and a truck's horn.

Kei's vision went black, he couldn't see nor hear anything. And so Kei tried to open his eyes and to his amazement, he is now in a field of sorts. He looks around him and there is no civilization to be found for miles on end. And so he started to worry about where he was as there was no one around to help him. He looked around and around for there to be a sign of help, until he gave up entirely and accepted the fate that he had. So he sat down and started planning out ways to find a way out of his situation. He then suddenly heard footsteps behind him and saw a girl wearing a Kimono. The girl in the Kimono introduces herself as Ryuko, she then leads Kei to the Dragon Village where she is the only resident.

Ryuko and Kei form bonds with each other, learning how to cope with the extreme loneliness that they both feel by being with each other. Kei was initially a tough nut to crack, but eventually he opened up to Ryuko about all his problems in life and the depression left by his father's death. He also tells Ryuko about his developing feelings for Yujin. As days pass, Kei sees Yujin more and more in Ryuko, in the way she acts and in the way she talks. One day, Ryuko falls into a deep illness, as there is no one around, there is no way to get medicine or get any help in order to heal Ryuko. As Ryuko was reaching the peak of her illness, and as she was about to pass away, her last request was for Kei to never forget about her.

After Ryuko passes away, the world Kei has grown to love started to collapse around him, turning into white nothingness. This white nothingness started fade away and he started seeing a white ceiling. He tries to move but to his dismay, he feels very weak, so he looks around only to find a surprised mother and Yujin in the door. They explained to him that he has been in a coma for at least 6 months. Kei is very sad for an understandable reason, until he finds a flower arrangement on his table very similar to Ryuko's style. He hangs this on his door as a memory.

[The end]


  • Classroom [CL]
  • Street [ST]
  • Dragon Village A – Bench [DA]
  • Dragon Village B – Hill [DB]
  • Dragon Village C – Lake [DC]
  • Hospital – [HS]


  • Watarimono Kei – Main protagonist of the story. [K]
  • Ryuko – The lone resident of dragon village, the main heroin of the story. [R]
  • Watarimono Oka – Mother of Kei. [O]
  • Watarimono Oto – Deceased father of Kei.
  • Tomodachi Yujin – Best friend of Kei [Y]
I'm using the Letters as Reference for the Manuscript
Created a new topic [Devlog] The Dragon's Request

I am trying to make a visual novel story, but so far I've only made the Plot and story, I'll post illustrations, backgrounds, and character designs sooner or later

About: Watarimono Kei is naught but an ordinary student of Gakkou High. He was involved in an accident and wakes up in a field in a place that he has never seen before, where he meets Ryuko, the only resident of Dragon Village. Follow on as they build deep bonds with eachother, and watch as heartwarming stories unfold, and find out the truth about the true whereabouts of Watarimono Kei.