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Humm, I think I found the problem with the end of the dark area. When you save Sylph and exit was supposed to play a scripted event right when entering the hub again. That was where the next hub tag was. So it should have been saving, but just not properly advancing the tag to the next hub. I think I got it now.

Programmer says he hasn't touched the ability binding change since the last version, so not too sure on that one. Trying to track it down :D

Humm, so after you finish the 2nd set of levels (the dark area), you enter the hub again...and the 3rd door opens. Then, when you save, it puts you back in the hub with the 3rd door closed? Or does the 3rd door never open? Just trying to narrow it down :)

Good ideas with the achievements! I hadn't tried tackling them yet, but it is a good next step (especially now that it's on steam).

Happy new year! :)

Humm, looks like a couple more bugs to track down (getting a lot closer at least haha). I'll add those quality of life issues to the list too. Thanks for the help :)

it's a bit confusing  (with random maps), but...ok. It has to be explained somehow in the story.   And the Quest mode - what is my own goal, what I seek in the Labirinth - it's unclear. 

Humm, good idea. I'll try to add more emphasis in the first hub.

The most annoying glitch right now - with hiding interface on Load Game. I hope v5 will solve it.

Yup, we fixing that in the next update (and also resolution settings). The load file should also store the bindings in the next update.

How the Mystic charm works? How long?

It works as long as you have it in your inventory. If you use it from your inventory it gets sent back to the merchant and turns off. I'm curious if it was enough of a difficulty modifier though. ((Maybe I should add a 2nd one you can buy if the first one isn't enough?))

-  I expected that I can buy items from merchant with usual confirmation button,  but it's [Y] on gamepad or [E] key on keyboard.  Player will need a hint maybe.

Humm, good idea, perhaps the first time you enter the merchant screen I'll make that more clear. Also I'd like to get the current gold amount you have in your inventory to show on the merchant screen too. But it is a smaller lower priority thing.

- Depleted items has to fade in ability page (be drawn semitransparent)

Yea, I like that :D It gets a little bit tricky with the arrow types though (since technically they are set as unlimited....and instead reference your crystal count when being used). I'll add it to the list of polish things though :)

Once we have the last fixes done (resolution option and a few last bug fixes) then we're going to get back to those builds :) We were trying to do the linux build for a while, but then trying to juggle that at the same time as patching the windows one started to make a lot less sense haha.

Timeline wise, probably will happen in January (I'm going to be taken out of action for the last couple weeks this month and then into January a bit).

"I just got bored of the big games, and I have a free time.  Although I'm already a little tired of glitches."

Sorry about the glitches... it's just me doing all the game stuff (the programmer helps a bit with some of the driving systems, but otherwise it's me stringing together the content). It's rough ... but, hopefully won't take long to get the rest of the problems sorted out :) 

- first option of first talk with Yara ends with nothing . Dialog window stays on screen but player can move and use abilities.  

I'm pushing a small patch to fix that and the 2nd level flag now.

- Main Menu:  no working key on keyboard to activate selected option, only mouse click works. it's minor issue, but...

Humm, yea, perhaps I'll set space and / or enter for main menu advance.

- the guys in the hub (Yara and others) moves around often and randomly. So they looks like hurrying somewhere... in the small room

This one is actually on purpose. Figured them moving around was better than standing around.

- the magical mystery tour:   I'm finished the first level, found myself in the hub, exit to the left, die, return to the hub, exit to the left... 

Ohh yea, this is actually all working normally also. Each "life" resets you to the hub (once you get there past the first level at least). Then you can exit out to the different floors with their hub portals. BUT when you exit out to a floor, it starts you out at the start.

Each floor has a possible 10 different levels which are randomized in ...though I felt it was a bit too cruel to force people to play through all 10, so instead you just have to make it through 4 until you advance the story and "beat" that floor. So first level of a floor is either map 1, 2, or 3. 2nd level is map 4, 5, or 6....and so on (with map 10 always being the final map). 

And of course the gauntlet mode is just a jumble of all the floors and how far you can get on a single life.

I finished the second set of levels, but sylph doesnt acknowledge rescue.

Humm, I just checked, and it seems it wasn't advancing a flag properly. I'm getting a small patch out now to solve it.

Also, i then shot a portal arrow in the hub and when i went through the second portal is now closed.

Oof, I knew that portal arrow would cause trouble somewhere.

Thanks so much for the feedback Jimmy :) You're awesome :)

Those problems don't seem too bad, should be able to get them fixed fairly quick (especially the loading bug). 

The next KS update I'll let everyone know about all the changes if they want to try it out again. 

Bloom: Labyrinth community · Created a new topic V3

Just letting people know version 3 is out. Let me know if you find anything strange. We still have to get in the resolution settings (hopefully this week) and a couple additional save features... but nothing major at this point (I don't think?).

Thanks for the heads up.

Apparently in this update, the reference the input_mapping was changed to a different location some of the input_mapping I had done isn't registering (for example, advancing through dialogue with the gamepad uses UI_Accept....which has to just be bound in the options to the A button). That's also why pages isn't working with gamepad (it just isn't bound, but still exists in controls options). 

Should have that fixed with a starting input_mapping with the next patch (and also the manual / starting tutorial).

The UI not showing the hotkeys and not storing the hotkeys on load is new though. Should be an easy fix at least (just need to adjust what the save file is storing), so will have it in the next patch also.

I temporarily disabled it till we get the new patch in to solve the Linux problems (should just take a day or two).

Alright, hopefully the Linux version is fully fixed this time. Just download the zip (if you are using the app it should just patch it, about 3% was changed). 

Urg, I just saw the reply it is still there....will get another build tomorrow for you (but at least will be patched this time).

Ok, I uploaded a new Linux build (and we tested it on a linux machine). So it should work now. 

You'll have to re-download it though (sorry). Used the butler uploading here on itch this time, which should make future patching avoid the redownload at least.

Thanks for the heads up. Looking into it now. I'll let you know once we have it fixed.

Heya, the bloom.osx.opt.32 should be the one for mac i believe. It won't run?