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I've been following this for years! Can't wait!

Awesome! It's always fun to see the different ways people approach stuff. I loved the way you just brute forced the last enemy in the 3rd level. Forget that soundwave stuff, just knock him out! haha

Awesome! I would encourage you to try out the latest build. The pathfinding is much improved and its in a 16:9 aspect ratio :)

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Thanks! It looks like you have an older version of the game that doesn't count your score properly. Re-downloading the newest version should take care of that!

Someday. Unfortunately I haven't had a Linux machine in ages. No timeline I'm afraid, but someday after release.

So happy!

Awesome! Although I'm sure your rank is low for all of these :)

Amazing as always!

Really fantastic thomas!

Ya this has promise for sure. Love it!


Love it Pezomi! Keep up the good work!

wow that's amazing! awesome preview tool

I think the idea is to post it here so you can have a downloadable or something that plays in the browser.

Hey logan, if you wanna work with me that'd be cool. email me: austinadixon at gmail dot com

This is a pretty great website for figuring out color palettes based on one hue:

AND! Here's some cool 4-color combos for Super Mario Land 2:

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Great work Andrew! Only critique I have is to decrease joystick sensitivity. My gamepad registers very low movement to the left and so if I don't press anything the guy walks a little to the left. GameMaker has a built-in function called gamepad_set_axis_deadzone() that you can use to add a little bit of give for the analog stick. Loved playing though!